Dark clouds over my head

Posted by sazali


The time is just 1130 am.

The clouds are getting darker and darker.

Why is this so?

2) Is it a natural phenomena or God's work?

I cannot answer that .. but as a science student ..i believe it is a part of the water cycle.

Some news .. reported that Malaysia is going to get many kinds of .. heavy rain, flood worse than last year .. and many bad spells like what China and Indonesia had already got all these years 1950 - 2010.  We saw people got killed in the water.  All kinds of people ..  drowned in the swirling, deep  water.

I do not know much ..

3)  When it rains so heavy ..in Malaysia .. there are prone to be flash flood.

I pity those who gets on their businesses on motorbikes.

They will get really wet.  If they are wet ..it is ok ..but not their small kids from schools.  I pity them a lot ..in Penang sometimes I see ..three, four  people on the bikes.

One the daddy ..the next 2 or 3  are his children.  They got really soaked ..and I was just looking on at them .. I cannot help much because ..if I took them ..my car will be wet and I will be wet too trying to get the motor bike into my Vios.    Terrible, right?  Moreover, so far in this country . I hadn't seen anybody taking all the trouble .. inspite of them having empty lorries ..

I think most of us are like that ..  we really care a lot about  ourselves and cars ...not the others out there in the heavy rain.  Why?  What is wrong with us?

When I was young in Penang .. from 10 trips on foot to the Masjid 3 - 4 Km  ... hardly any one stop to pick me up for Jumaah prayers in Bayan Baru in 1982/83.  Thats life!  Our hearts are getting rock hard .. there is little scope for sympathy , caring and many more. All these attitude and values are in the kitab only , well discussed in Forum Perdana ..but ..  I did not see much practice here, there and every where.  To whom should we refer buddy...  ?

No wonder ..my chinese friend once said ..so and so about Islam ..but alas ..it is all in the cupboard.

Till then good bye every body.

Dr S


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