Worry 2

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Yesterday I left you with few types of worry.  He..he.. did it make any sense?


Yes it is true we all worry from the smallest to the biggest kind.

Now the 2.6 Billion RM question - why do we really worry so much?

The answer is very simple my friend (s).

We think that we are the God.  We can handle everything.  Nobody on this earth can handle 'this' problem better than you.  Period!

let me give you few more simple examples.  Pardon me with all thEse examples. Bear it, I am just a simple teacher who loves to narrate things .. 40 years ago I loved to watch hindi films ..they were full of stories, songs and tears.  The characteristic was .. the people watch, listen, tell and act upon the story lines.

Ooops ..let us get back to the main story line here. WORRY!

first wolly , an old man age 65 with his 20 year old wife.
He is carrying cancer every where since the moment he put his eyes on this young wife.  His main worry is .. who is going to care for this woman and 5 kids if he drop dead because of cancer. See?  type 1 worry in Pakistan, Afhganistan, .Bhutan, Hindustan and of course Tipubesarstand.

second, a student finshing his writing on PhD thesis about a technology that sends something to planet Mars.  His worry would be .. does all this writing really makes sense to the examiner(s)?

thirdly,  the number 1 man (any country) .. his worry is can he upkeep his power yesterday, now , tomorrow and for ever and ever.  See ..he is thinking he is the God who can control the liking of his entire population.  Can he control that?  Did he know .. man's liking do change from good to bad and sooner bad to worse. You got what I mean?

2)  A man that worries so much .. suffer few things.  Just read on my dear ..the list.

2.1 he lost his sleep
2.2 he lost his sharpness in many fields. Just list them one by one.  He will confess the truth behind this statement like some sour fruits he bought..he tastes bitter; sweet cakes he will feel ..  strange
2.3 his health deteriorates .. he cannot pass his stools as smoothly as he enjoyed once upon a time beside the bank of a famous river in Jerteh, Besut, Terengganu
and of course ..
2.4 his presence or absence beside his beloved ..does not carry any weight anymore.


I think I better stop there for today.  See lah .. I might continue with more frightening things .. He..he..he..  just watch out. I am fasting Day 5 in the month of Syawal, insya allah. Al Fatihah.

Till then , wasallam.



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