Subhanallah, alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar

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Those are the 'zikir' of the mukminin and mukminat (in short the believers).

It is a sign of glorification towards the blessings of Allah.

What blessings:

So many ..actually ..they are so much - unaccountable ..


1)  we live 24/7 healthily
2) we smile freely
3) many friends from many countries coloring our lives, attitudes and values
4) education, jobs, flights, speeches, students, friends
5) good name
6) good body
7) good words
8) good characters and
9)  great teachers, lecturers, mentors , wife, parents, grand parents, neighbors , government and
10) ALLAH has given the greatest chance in the work of dakwah (if you are selected by the Al Mighty)

History : ---

200)  That day I went to a cardiologist. He checked my heart ..

I saw from the machine .. how the blood is pumped into and out of my heart.  There is a graph ..  up and down .. there is a cycle

The blood flow, its speed and many things (vessels), arteries are functioning very well ..according to Dr Baraqat

this shows ..we must glorify Allah for giving us all these organs  - heart system,  digestive system, sexual system and good brain ..  free of charge, right?

300) That hospital that I went , for ordinary prostate ..  operation .. the cost to maintain urine and its tools about RM10K while heart operation it can go as much  as RM80K.

So ...if you happen to see your heart pumping and the blood that flows .. then you realized the power of Allah ..
he gives us amanah on our bodies .. respectively/

Subhanallah Alhamdulilah and Allahu Akhbar.

According to Brother Luqman (New York, 1979) ".. one subhanallah ..the reward is Allah will plant a tree for us in the heaven  ..where if we were  ride a fast and strong horse in running around the tree will take 500 years just to cover the whole circumference of the tree ..."  Imagine that brother?  So take the most opportunity to do zikir when the life is still ON under the consent of the creator ALLAH.  

Have a good day, my friend!



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