if we go ..

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If we go ..



Dont think, dont worry too much.

The world keeps going.
The school keeps running.
May be a bit slow but ..sooner they will be running with top gear under new leader.

2)  why?
New people new ideas.
They try to maintain your ideas and may be they try new things.

That is life.

Nothing stop.
Except my car if it has no petrol.

Like that lah.

Dont be too sad with your passing.
Your legacy is great.
Can put that in your dairy.

See our beloved Tun.
He is trying everything ..
But .. its tough to topple anybody .

He he he.

Better rest n wait ..r.i.p  rest in peace.  Imagine Adam a.s  he had rested so longggg. Al fatihah.

So in short ..nothing stop.
The dad will be busy sending his boys for tuition, martial arts n everything.
The cock hunting for his darling.
As usual.  The world keeps going.
If u cannot go yet
Dont worry.
Make sure u pay up ur credit cards.
Clear off your bad names with those 3x5  books.

Remember ..cannot go to heaven if hutang non settled yet.

Thats it boy.
If going ..salam to the whole wide world.


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