seronok makan angin (travel)

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Kalau ada duit, bagus jugak berjalan jalan sambil makan angin.

Faedahnya ialah:

1) boleh kenal tempat orang seperti Melbourne, Australia dan London, England.

2)  boleh berlatih bercakap Bahasa Inggeris seperti much this Kangaroo?

Can you give me a bit cheaper?
It looks so thin. Must be full of bones to make soup with tongkat ali.


3)  people know you too from Kelantan.  Can you say this please Tottenham Court Road.

4)  after travelling you can write a book then you can sell in International Book Fair in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta.  Insya allah you can be rich and famous.  Remember to take lots of photos. Not your photo please ..because you won't grow any fatter within 3 days in the foreign countries.

If yu are 5 feet tall , after 1 week in New York .. your height stays the same.



In New York , you can see how 6 feet , 7  feet men and female walking, running, talking, eating, smiling, 75% naked bodies under the hot hot sun  ..  this you can compare with your country men.  From a simple comparison, you can learn human sciences very fast effectively.

 I enjoyed my trip to New York, Philadephia, Ohio, Toronto, Montreal and Michigan in 1976, 77 and 1980.  So nice ... unfortunately that time no such thing as Facebook, Watsapp etc etc else I would take all kinds of pictures thus I could forget my statistics formulae and what not.

I went with Jamaah Tabligh while my closest friends went home to Kelantan during the summer holidays - some quietly got married among themselves and then .. few of them stopped studying altogether.  I did not understand that part .. so sorry ok?  I heard (from word to word) the ladies were much better staying at home as the home manager.  Pity their parents ..  right?  White eyes ..

But I enjoyed very much travelling to many corners of the world.

5) In Jamaah Tabligh, I learnt many things . One of them was to cook for 5, 10, 20 people. I cooked with my friends. From that skill, I can live few days, weeks , months ..  when my wife went sabbatical with her new ones under her arm pits.  My impact factor too ..that one.

Ha..ha..ha..  alhamdulilah, subhanallah and Allahu akbar.  Now my children are all grown ups .. some had married, working and sending some thing for their mum especially the end of a month. Me?  I also got some from  specially trained arts of  'slow talk ' and persuasion with their blessed mother.

Other than cooking, I learnt how to talk urdu, moroccan and arabic.  Basic ones only such as ' bohot acha heee'  which means ..very very ok.  'Pani garame'   in urdu means the water is bloody cold.

6) On of the best orators I met in Michigan was Arwah Colonel Ameeruddin and Prof Dr Naim Chawdery in Cambridge, England.  Their speech were great .. and so far my current PM can not beat them at all.  They spoke very good English with interesting examples and analogies about this world and the next.  Up to this point, I will never forget that adventure in tabligh only.  Syukur..alhamdulilah.  The greatest gift from Allah.  Taufeek and hidayah.

So don't stop travelling.  Just go and see the world. A big big world out there - in  Tundra, Pampas and Sahara Desert, Africa. If the polar bear ran after you .. please safe your lives my dear.  Forget about your smart phones ..just run  run.  That animal won't understand your Kelantanese dialect asking for his mercy.  Gulp, gulp ..  u become bones very soon  ..lost in the wind.

   Till then , good bye.



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