welcome french n bruneian citizens

Posted by sazali


Surprise surprise surprise.

Now malaysians 500 reading my blog, french 400, bruneian 300.

Welcome guys.


Last time malaysians 500, germans 400, usa 300.
Now another batch of readers .. following this simple old teacher.

Tq so much my  followers.

Never thoughtvthis would happen.

Just writing simply
The momentum gained is so encouraging.

Tq ok?

2)  now just wonder .. which kinds of writing appeal them.

Last  time i was so afraid to pen anything.

But once my  PhD  supervisor
Said  i can write

So here i am.

Just writing what is right (of course based on my readings. Alhamdulilah).

Hope i wont die because of this.

During writing, i try my best to be happy.  I believe one simple thing though

Once u  are happy, nothing much can hold u back.  Another thing is try not to criticize anybody.  Examples

all ministers are good.
all teachers are good.
all parents are doing great.

Tq so much again n again.

I try to write better n better next time around.



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