practice more care

Posted by sazali


Good parents push the concepts of care among his family members.
Why?  So that we are safe now and tomorrow.

Be careful crossing the road.
Drive only during the day. You can see better.
Write and speak well of others.  They will adore you.
If you are a teacher, more care must be upheld.
Why?  Teachers spread good moral values.

I remember Ms. Alison a peace corp in my school.
She always hold a book every wherevshe went.
Now i buy some books monthly and yearly.  Dont worry it cost less then 100rm per purchase.

By buying books we are encouraging others to write and share.

It is not easy to write.
Good writers think and write.
If we are good man of characters we think beyond what is written.

May be our ideas willbbe adopted one day and all the good deeds by others will be credited into our book of accounts. Who knows right?

So in sum
Be careful ok?



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