Putting yourself first

Posted by sazali


This means the following things.

1.  Get yourself healthy first.
When you are healthy you can help others.
If you are not fit , it is difficult to rush your best friend to the clinic at midnight.

2.  Wash your hands frequently

If your hands are clean
Your food would be clean too.
If you pass some food to the others during recess time
The food is clean and fit for eating.
All your friends will appreciate your caring.

3.  Get a job for you first.
In this position you can take care of your old parents.
To do that you must be smart.
Applying for a teaching job is a good step. It is a secured job.
After 3 years upon confirmation, you can apply for a housing loan.

4.  Don't trust sweet promises by the others such as ..  He loves you so much when he is in Lagos/ Nigeria.  Deposit some money then ..I send you a submarine full of diamonds.  Please.  These are just lies upon lies ..  don't believe this.  Stop believing others.  Focus on your 5 - 6 feet tall body.  Much better and you will live much longer.

Help yourself first.  Remember that please all the time.



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