we are growing old my dear

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I saw some one whom I met 10 - 15 years ago.  COSMED Penang Mid 2000s.

So different him noww.

Oh yes .. i saw him in the Facebook only but .. from those pictures ..
I realized one important thing.

We are growing old bit by bit.

1.  His hair - white.
2.  little hair left.
3.  his face .. bony
4.  it seems he has lost his weight and shine.
5.  his teeth also not good.  Mostly he tries not to shout so loudly.
6.  his body. thin and weak.
7.  last time .. when we walked together to Penang Hill he looked so tall ..but now with Indonesian teachers in Jakarta, Bandung .. he did not look that tall any more.
8. his skin.  the skiin looks dry n crumpy ..  he must be approaching 70 plus plus ..  by now.

But still he got that magnet ..in teaching science and maths ..every where he goes.


I don't think I want to stay long.  May be I just put the shutter down in FB.
If I am not seen ..  it means R.I.P.   he..he..he..

Most people wants this .. he wanted to be remembered fondly as ..

strong guy,
handsome teacher

not weaklings
dying one so fast lahhh..
his legs already  gone with the wind.

Al Fatihah.
In short we are growing old very fast.  We eat well or not .. we are growing old bit by bit.
We sleep well or not .. get prepared ..we are going to be left alone behind one fine day.
Gone is our beloved partner. Gone are our students one after another.  If we get any call from some where ..believe me ..it is the first and may be the last.  Don't be so sad ..teacher.

Our time in the sun .. is counting 1,2,3 .. finishing my late teacher say .. Master Yusof Ngah.
My close friend - not here any more - arwah Rosli Embok. Sheffield University but good old boy TMS-Besut.  Al Fatihah.
His time is up .. you and me .. soon

Wallahu aklam bis sawab.


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