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Good food is rezeki.
Good friends is rezeki.
Nice children is also rezeki.
Long life is also rezeki.

All comes from the Almighty Allah. The one who created us and everything in this world.


2)  when rezeki is taken away from you

You easily fell ill.
Your children inspite of nutritious food, they easily fell ill.
Your car got accident ..suddenly
You lost your job
There is few people coming to your shop when had spent so much money upgrading it with new coat of paint, newer concept and many things else.

Pity  huh?

3)  how to get rezeki?

Be good to the AlMighty Allah.
Be nice to our neighbours
Be polite with our elders
And do the followings

A)  tahajud
B) :dhuha
C)  charity
D)  istighfar
E .  SEEK knowledge and  do lots of doa

Work hard, work smart and talk accordingly to your status.  Example if you are a religious teacher talk good.  Dont talk rubbish please.

Tq.  I am writingvto you is also rezeki.

Getting a new baby is also rezeki.
Getting married to a rich but nice lady is also rezeki.

Me?  If i can wake up and walk to the mosque .. early in the morning..that is enough for me.  Allah being kind to you.
Even though you did many maksiat
Allah still did not pull away your ability to drink water and they still taste so sweet right?

Allahu akbar.

Thank you.


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