when rezeki is affected

Posted by sazali


Our rezeki is lifted in 3 conditions.

Firstly, we fall ill so suddenly.
Not only us. Our children one aftervthe other becomes ill.

Now at the private clinic, simple illness like cough and running nose
The clinic charged us rm40 to rm70.
Imagine ..after us, all our children were ill.

Second, out of thousand of cars on the road
Our car got caught in the accident. We knocked the front car and also the lorry knock our bum too.  So imagine. We are caught in the middle.
At this point, we paid the bank and many people too in order to bring our car on the road again.

In short our rezeki was lifted in many ways.

Finally, our house caught fire.
Since we dont believe all insurance schemes
Now we realized it is good that our million rm house was covered from some calamities.

In sum
Allah is teaching us many things.

To talk about sincerity is easy
To walk the talk about patience is another thing.

Ooops ..whatever it is
We must be grateful, we are still alive in this wide wide world.

With calamities we became more tolerant and matured fast.

One thing
Allah controls everything.
We human cannot do anything without Allahs wiĺl.

This is iman. We come back to the power of the Almighty Allah again and again beginning now.

Till then ..al fatihah.



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