losing my best friend NMG nik othman

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Al Fatihah.

Today I just lost my best friend   my  dear Nik Md Ghani Nik Othman.

Both of us from Jerteh , Besut, Terengganu.  We were the children of the police men.  Strong, hardworking and daring to go any where on earth.  Every Tuesday, 4 decades ago,  we got together to watch English Soccer .. George Best playing in black n white.  His late mum taught me Al Quraan.  I  brought white pillow every night to read Al Quraan.  With pok nik, I always got special treatment with her mum.  After Pok Nik read his quraan with his mum ..next was me.  I read very fast.  Why?  English Soccer waiting for us at 900 pm after that.  After we left, there came the big girls reading al quraan.  Usually  few girls will cry.  Mok Weng bet them with thin but long rattan. I always hear  the ..zap zap sound ..somebody got the cane mainly about their attendance.  Cry cry cry.  Soon some pillows went wet with tears.  See?

All these years ..we are together.

The last time we met 2015  TMS  Reunion.  He brought his wife. So did I.  There we laugh.  Not bad he said.  He he he.

2)  His good points

He always help me in all things that i did.

He was good in English.

He played very well in badminton.  If I played against him in the singles, the maximum points I got from him will be 5 or 6 out of 21 points. Why?  He was very tall at 5' 8 ".  I think he stood a bit higher than the net.  He has

worked as a Petronas supporting staff in Russia and many more countries.
While he was busy looking for black gold, i was busy with my degrees overseas n dakwah too.

The last time i visited him in K. TERENGGANU when he was ill with diabetes. I was in his home with Ir Azman Ahmad another TMS product.  That time we just laughed at many things we did as TMS students in 1969 - 1974.  Now,

at this time ..i can only send my deepest condolence to his wife and family who are 700 km away from my working table.

May Allah accepts you among those HE is pleased with. Ameen.

I will miss you Pok Nik.  Al fatihah. My special doa for you my dearest hero in my heart. ( arwah Pok Nik is on the left of the picture with Hj Azizal).  Wasallam.  So long my friend ...


  1. suziana mohd tahir said...

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun..may Allah gives him the highest ranks in Jannah..Al Fatihah

  2. sazali said...

    Ameen. He was a real gentleman. Can read and teach Al Quraan as good as his late mum. Al Fatihah.

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