after this what?

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After Ramadhan, hopefully I can lead a normal life as a:

* muslim
** father/ husband/ son
* a member of the society


A muslim has many duties.
The best among you   ..those who learn Al Quraan and teach them

A father ?
So  many duties. One of them is a banker.
A banker ..gets the money and spend it well for the education of his children.
If not, spend the money buy food, petrol, fruits, sweets, lemang and satay. 
Still trying to buy a printer ...just to print some notes daily.  Not much. RM200 daily would do. I think?

With food (God Willing) we get some energy to move here and there.
Petrol.  My car needs petrol to go from one point to another.
Without petrol, my mum will be angry.  Why?  whats the point of having a car if it cannot go any where.

Fruits ..  with fruits ..I get some vitamins.  Vitamin C especially from pineapples.
I like banana too..instant sugar/

Sweets ?  I love sweets.  Especially Ambala Sweets from Euston London.
It is a special sweet .. quite expensive ..but worthwhile.
My son when he comes home from London .. he always give this to me.  So sweet. Indian Kahsmirian sweets.

I like sweet so that I can talk sweetly with people. One day some Indians came get my car.. from my sweet talk .they left my car untouched.  See?  Buy Ambala Sweet!
else get sweet delicacies from Market Siti Khadijah.  All so nice and chaep.  If it is expensive not worry so much ..  put some ..sedekah for us Kelantanese traders.

Lemamng?  this is very important.
Without lemamng ..better no Eid Mubarak lah for me.
Better go back to sleep and stay on bed from morning to evening.

I look forward to lemang ..every time during this Raya occasion.
Luckily my wife can make rending ..a special kind of meat .. full of spices and herbs.. if u eat once will not return to your country forever.  It is so good.

Avoid lemamng with manisan juice only. Strange!


This is the killer stuff for me.
I really look forward for this sate ..  once I opened my eyes on 1st Syawal.
If I do that .. I can see my lovely wife ..  going all out serve sate n lemamng for her family.  Syukur .. I got a good cook.  Even though not as famous as Chef Wannnn ..but her cooking also Ok .. ma.

My families really appreciate this.

That is all.  Every day I pray 2 things.  First , long life my mum   and second , long life my wife.  He..he..he..

Looking forward to 1st Syawal.  Eid Mubarak.

But not forget we have to pay RM7  to the masjid (mosque) for zakat fitrah.  I want to pay today at 1100 am.  God Willing.

Till then ..have a good raya everybody.


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