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This Ramadhan I made 2 intention.

First, going out for tabligh ( propagation of Islam, remind fellow muslims and ..)
Second, learning Al Quraan.

Alhamdulilah (praise to the Al Mighty Allah) I can do the second part much better because of my health.  I am suppose to be in USAIN USM yesterday for angiogram. But the consultant was away on sudden leave.

So let us talk more about READING of the HOLY QURAAN.

2)  Now it is 11th Ramadhan.
Soon when 21st Ramadhan comes, many muslims will be engage in preparing of Eid Mubarak.
That is time consuming if majority of your children are girls age 5 to 25.

Mine is 60% girls.  I usually ask my wife to handle that.  Luckily she make clothes. Simple clothes and it saved me a lot of money.  From those simple clothes, 3 of them are married and they contributed 7 grand children for me.

The rest are boys. Usually I handle this.  He..he..he..  I am a disciplined father.  If I gave them RM200 each , I expect they know what to buy.  If it is not enough, next time ..we will complete the agenda of shopping.

That is clothing.
Not yet preparing food such as Sate, Rendang, Lemang and many more. Since I am the eldest son, I must prepare some good food for my parents and relatives.  If not,  .. this will spoil my Eid.

3)  READING of Quraan.

So far I have read 10 juzuk of the Holy Quraan.  (juzuk= chapter).
Alhamdulilah, my youngest daughter has just come home for 3 month holiday from her university.  I intend to use her to teach Al Quraan , Arabic and writing too.

I think I have spent a lot of money on her education since she was 6 years old.
I knew she did well in an exam after her schooling in Sekalah Agama Rakyat Johor. She got agregat 7.  Her teachers told me , after SPM she can apply to be a religious teacher.  Alhamdulilah.

But .. Allah has another plan , I think.

4)  I want her to teach me MUQADDAM.
I want to teach me AL Quraan.
I want her to teach me a bit on Arabic because she is going to be a 3rd year student by Sept 2017.
and finally, I want her to teach me writing jawi/ Arabic.

According to the Hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w.  the best amongst you are those who read and teach others of the Holy Quraan.  I think I want to be the best.  Before I die, it is good to be the best as classified by Allah.

According to another hadith, Rasullallah has said ..1 huruf of AlQuraan carries 10 hasanah. if 'alif lam mim  in alamm ' has 3 huruf characters , Allah gives you 30 hasanah.

In Ramadhan, if we do anything good example reading of the Holy AlQuraan,  the reward is 70 to 700 times more.

So if I read 'alamm '  from the Holy Quraan , mathematically I secured 3*700 = 2100 hasanah.

In the path of Allah, if I step on the road outside my home, spreading Islam , the reward will be multipled by 700,000 times.

So if I read 'alammm'  from the Holy Quraan , I shall get 3 * 700,000 = 2.1 million hasanah of rewards.

Allah hu Akbar.

Where can we get that?

My daily target is a humble recitation of 1 juzuk of the Holy Quraan.
If 1 juzuk has 10,000 characters , imagine the hasanah  in Ramadhan  10,000 * 70 =  700,000 hasanah.

This hasanah ..insyallah we shall use it as our currency in akhirat ( the day after).

Imagine if we teach the kampong boys and girls soon.  If they can read well from our small effort, what they do .. this will reach us in kubur and life beyonddddd.

5)  Our life is so short.
So far we have committed so many mistakes and sins.
Why not .. before our life ends,
we do something good for our own self?

Is that ok my dear readers?
Try pondering this ..

If it is good, act upon it. Else ..I am so sorry.



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