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A poor man if he is given some cash, he will automatically feel good.  Refer to 9 JUne 2017 recently. I saw so many pensioners going to the ATM near their homes. After the exit, everybody looked so happy.  They can buy cendol, tapai pulut, watermelon and mangoes. 
Why does this happen?

A sick man who was just discharged from a general hospital, he will very good if he can mix with his beloved wife again.  Why is this so?

Many reasons right?

1. With cash, you can go a bit further.
I truly agree with my good friend, Mr Teo, when he said, we can talk more if we have some money in our pockets.  We can order a hot coffee and few sets of toasted breads.  Wallo!  we look like a PM today!

2. With some ummph, the man can get his respect back.

A sick man ?
Nobody wants a sick man.
No matter how rich he is, if he is sick ..his value drops every day.
If one is sick, you depend so much on others for many simple things like going toileting, eat and drink ..and even cleaning up yourself between your legs.  Pity you?

So once , a sick man is discharged from the general hospital
there are 2 possibilities in my country.

A.  among the malay communities, the eldest son can call the people from the mosque to pray for him. May be his presence can be numbered now.  Al Fatihah.
B.  and next , he has fully recovered.  So mixing with one's wife must be the top of the agenda.

What is the point of getting a high respect from the public if you can not score beautiful goals at home.  Imaginedoing banana kick like the Brazilian footballers called PELE and a curving shot like RIVALINO.  The stadium stood motionless .. looking at the goals hitting the back of the nets.


By doing so ,   I am sure, many elderly man will look younger by 20 years.  Can ask him, please?
What more after 12 months  discharge he got a new son ..( his 16th to be exact).

He must be talking non stop .. and soon, I am afraid ,  he drop dead.  His 70 year old heart cannot take any more.

Ha..ha..ha..  Good bye old warrior.

Many of my readers are not pleased to hear this.
But that is some truth behind the above writings.

Believe me.

A man will feel good if he can start eating by himself again.
A man wil feel on top of the world if he can chase his wife again over a hill. (refer to the story of the Holy Prophet Muhammad sa.w. running along with  his Syadinatina Aishah r.a.  I heard Aishah won.  Our beloved prophet must feel something inside.  You lost again mate! )

We got all these stories if we happen to window shopping around Kota BHaru.
many medicine man (peddlers) told us many funny stories about old men with younger women of theirs.

How great a man feels if he can regain his health today, tomorrow and forever.
Then we got this adage .. Health is better than wealth.

How true it is.

So in conclusion
let us say Syukur   Alhamdulilah
if we are healthy again and again especially in this blessed month of Ramadhan.

If we are healthy we can read al Quraan
we can pray many rakaats of optional solat like Isra',  dhuha, awabim, tarawih, tahajud and witir.
we can visit poor children and Syrian refugees.
we can do many things together such as eating for iftar in the nearby mosques.

I am happy
I can write a lot now after I got my health again.

But you know
Allah gives the health
and HE can take this back anytime.

So be grateful if you are still healthy
like a 15 year old boy.


With that I shall leave you

A healthy body is everything, right?

Don't worry so much.
Be happy please.

How to be healthy?
1. eat more good food
2.  drink plenty of water  and of course
3.  get that free ..can you?  [ laugh]



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