Write well

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If you have something to say, better write.

For examples:

1.  This Friday, government staff and pensioners will be given Eid Fitri bonus.
That is good, isn't it?  A sum of RM500 and RM250 each respectively.

2.  June's salary is given out earlier on 15 JUNE 2017.  That is also a good news.  Since there are many things to buy for Eid Mubarak, some cash is really appreciated.
The families can go shopping a bit earlier.

3.  Beginning 25th JUNE 2017, the roads and highways in the peninsular will be packed with cars and vans.  Many muslims start to go home 'Balik Kampung' since Eid is on the 27th JUNE.

4.  As a father I always remind my children
not to rush home.  If they come back after the 27th JUNE, it is also OK.

few reasons:
4.1  Kota Bharu is not road friendly enough for us during this festive season.  The road is small and it takes so long to pass from one point to another. 

4.2  avoid mishap
because we can afford to control this.
Moreover, we can find some sleepy and tired drivers behind the wheels.  This is very dangerous!
4.3  coming home or not, KOTA BHARU is still recognizable.  No drastic change yet with the present government.

4.4  and many more.

In view of those points, it is good to think and rethink ..is it wise to go BALIK KAMPUNG?


What happen if I have a few visitors this time?
The answer is very simple.


I care for their safety on the Malaysian roads from Johor to Kedah and Kelantan.

I do not mind eating satay and rendang with their mother.  Next I just visit my close neighbours.
Imagine Pasir Puteh to Kota Bharu, a distance of 40km,  will take few hours to reach. Why?  so many cars on the road especially noon time.  Moreover it is just 2 lane road. Nothing special as compared to Penang.

So in short, please take care.



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