fruits of labour (pulangan, hasil)

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Fruits of labour means your direct reward after some forms of direct and indirect struggle.


1.  a university student

Here s/he studied so hard from primary, secondary and university education.  After 15 years , s/he got a job in an established industry. The good life s/he is enjoying is called the fruits of her/ his labour.  I think most of us agree with this.  Of course , those who got an income is inferior to those who are in business but the world can see .. those who arre in business .. they r cnstantly exposed to all kinds of risk ( hazards) such as weather calamities, fire and gangsters.

If you want to sleep better , be a teacher.
You job is to study and teach.
No bribery involved.
In sya Allah you sleep better even though your income is so small to those big lords in Felda FGV Malaysia.  They screwed up billions of RM.  That is what I heard.

I am sure my PM Malaysia will agree to this.  PM has confessed he did not enjoy much sleep ever since  ..  after getting the best job in my country.

2.  a modern farmer

My friend plants acres of pineapples.  If every thing goes well , his income is about half a million ringgit per season.  But if flood happens, his income is RM0.

Because of this, he can afford a good life plus a new Cambodian wife.
So his good life plus a new wife are called 'the fruits of his labor'.  Congratulations!

I do not like this life.
His chance of enjoying good life is just 50%.
If he owns some money to generate some money i getting his soil worked up plus some fertilisers plus wages of labor attending the farms ..  and then the flood comes ..

then he is going to face with all sorts of threats.
In Malaysia, ah long is famous in - putting a stop to our life even though our young wife is just waiting out side the farm.

Do you want this?

3.  many more
such as muslims who are fasting for 30 dayscurrently.

The fruits of labour here are the pardon by the Al Mighty Allah plus they will get so many benefits like good health, sakinah, berakah, wisdom and care.  All their minor sins are pardoned.

Big sins like cheating, robbing, fornicating, lying, creating stories, bombing , killing and taking interest from the banks ..  they will be pardoned if they do taubah ( solid repentance).   If you see someone crying so madly with sea of tears in the mosques .. this soul has plenty of major sins like (may be ok?)

.. (please fill in the blanks).

My self?  I never cry like a mad bull.
Why? What for? I am just a simple teacher in mathematics.

My sin is just failing a useless and lazy student.  That is all. So simple.

So my fruits of labour is just to lead a simple life.

Some one told me ..if your life is simple.. you can enter paradise simply.
I just laugh.  Why?  You can give me some answers , can't you?

Think that is all for now.
Till then ..  take care in this festive season.

So many accidents on the Malaysian roads. You can be so happy in the morning but you are no where after day light ends.  FYI,
40,000 police are crying now = their leave for raya is frozen by our IGP ( inspector general of Police).  Real sad.  Their job is just to take care of the traffic especially the bus drivers , young drivers who are going to get married on 1 st of July onwards.  They are driving as if .. marrying is evrything .  (ha..ha..ha)



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