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Many troubles are happening every where.
What are the reasons to these?
As a student, I feel quite helpless looking at many cases:

1.  A plane from Malaysia was shot few years ago and hundreds of Dutch citizens were killed
2.  War among the Kuwaitis and Iraq some time ago
3.  London Bridge ..attack by a man claimed to be this and this.
4.  Arab nations boycotting Qatar.
5.  Nine eleven in New York.  THis is a great show on earth.  The arabs attacked the biggest power on earth.  If they can do that in 2001 , they can do much more than that coming 2020.

I see that many of us are
quite sick.  They look great but they are sick some where on their heads.


Types of sickness

1.   emotions
2.  mental  depressions
3.  religious discrimination
4.  color discrimination
5.  job discrimination  (economic) -  some times I see the reason. Of course the whites prefer their own clans than other colors.  It is fair ..  more over the factories in the west are theirs.  In Malaysia, 70 - 80 percent government staff are from one race.  Their belief is .. this is easy politicking.  They can stay in power until the dooms day.  Who cares!


When will this end boy?

The answer is, I am afraid,  .. may be there is no solution.  Why?

* some of us are very stupid.  Sorry.  Some are willing to kill themselves in order to push a point to the bigger powers like USA and Britain.
** some are very silly like the Saudis calling other arab nations to 'boycott' the Qataris.  I heard the Qataris are earning high income monthly.  May be there is an element of jealousy among the literate arabs from Mecca and Medina.  Man is always a man and not angels.  They have emotions and once they cannot control this , they start to press the panic button. I hope World Cup 2022 in Qatar can go on as planned.  Never mind if Saudis are not coming.  Some more they failed to qualify.
* USA, Russia are interfering everybody. They wanted to be the big BOBBY all the time.
So now Bobby can sleep well no more.  They dream of petrol and dollar.  What they got in return is red blood happening in megamalls, colleges and every where.  Their loved ones are killed in front of their eyes.  They want that to keep happening?
Some idiots are willing to do jihad ..why ?  they think by doing this  they can enter paradise as fast as lightning.  They are buying hurriedly different  perceptions among themselves.

If USA and Britain .. mind their own businesses, I think
the world can go on and on another 500 years.

No problem!
else we can see many more bloodshed all over the world.

**  Palestinains are killed by the jews.  Why didn't the Saudis help the Palestinians?  Where is Allah?
This is an important worry.

Strange things are happening in front of our eyes.
Even though most of the arab countries are believing in 1 God, '
they still cannot manage among themselves.

BTW, what did they read in front of the Kaabah during Hajj?
So .. the trouble can come again and again.

For Eid Mubarrak
we pray ..let us enjoy this Eid in peace please.
After that .. they can do what they want.  The police and soldiers are paid to protect us.

We are here just to watch and collect donations again and again.


Thank you.


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