Eating well

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It is good to eat well.
If we do this, God willing, Allah will reward us with a good health.

2)  In the market/ shopping mall

there are so many kinds of food.

Examples by referring to the FOOD Pyramid
we can get
a lots of rice, nuts, drinks

a lot of milk, beef, mutton , fishes , eggs for our protein
and a lot of vegetables like cabbages, carrots
and fruits such as pineapple, papaya, rambutan, durian and oranges.

3)  Insyalalh if we eat well , we can do:

3.1  study well
3.2  walk and run like a youngster
3.3  marry again (if you want to)
3.4  catch the thief
3.5  drive your car from KB to Penang without stopping
3.6 we can pray , isya, tarawih, tahajud and witir at ease.

4)  I met many of my friends.

They seem to own so many cars, houses, motorbikes and they are living in good homes but .. some of them did not look well.  They got cancer stage 4 and more.


they tend to eat poorly.  Examples:

4.1  eating at the road side with all kinds of dust, smoke and rain
4.2  their food being cooked by others
4.3  their food is so oily  .. dangerous for their heart
4.4  their drinks come from fresh fruits like cocunuts but they did not realize the water being used come from the 'drain' example colored water in Ramadhan
4.5  their food contain chemicals examples ..  food stuff from neighbouring countries.
4.6 they eat outside so much including eating burger in the dead of the night. Don't be surprise, the oil used is a recycled type.  THe Health Ministry always warned of this ..but well to do families .. they are too occupied with more interesting stories from their cell phones.

To live well and longer, they should eat at home.
Prepare their own food.
Clean the vegetables, fruits and meat and cooked.
Train ourselves to cook well.

If we can study a degree, masters and Ph.D very well ..why not cooking?
This cooking has a lot of influence of our well being.

Insyalalh if we do this simple things, Allah will give us good health.

Is that correct my dear readers?

Please think.
With that, I shall leave you in the hands of the Al Mighty Allah.



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