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In Malaysia, if we are born in a malay family, we are branded automatically as muslims. In other words, we believe in the unseen things called rewards, virtues and punishment in the hell fire.

We are trained to believe, zina ( illegal sexual intercourse ) is haram. So does riba, raba and many other things. These are covered in 11 years schooling n education here. Killing, bombing of that mongolian expert are all put as haram. Those who did that, hell fire is waiting for them.

Believe means ...we think something is true. It will be happening soon one day so suddenly. Example of common beliefs are every one is going to die. The writer is dying and so would the great kings and ministers here.

No one can escape is she or he is within the envelope of this world. Why death is calling us? The answer is ..we are like machine. New machine runs well on the highway but as soon as we put time on its use from days, weeks, years ..soon the machine starts to rot and runs a bit slower. Finally it is going to be called scrap metals dump onto the old steel backyard ready to be recycled.

Man undergoes the same pattern. New man has strong teeth and arms. Soon when the age catches him up, the teeth drops one after the other. The hair turns from dark to grey and some get bald too soon. When he was young in africa, he can catch the deers and wild geese for food using his legs and strength. But this did not last. One day he can move no more. He can't hold a spoon correctly in putting some food into hid mouth. His sight suffers. His taste gone day after day. But some old men tries to go against the old cycle by marrying young ladies. Say him 70 and his wives 17, 27 and 37.  Guess what will happen? His internal organs like kidneys, bladder and gun would consequently suffer. He tries his best to maintain youth and agility by taking all kinds of herbs, honey bees and extraordinary animal organs .,,and of course ...when he dies ...the postmortem revealed his stomach has exploded without any notice.

Believe something. Then you become believers. Here you stay true to certain beliefs as embedded in the holy quran and many traditions called hadiths. To hold strong to the beliefs, you are encourage to read your prayers in the mosques and small surau called musala. Mecca is the place we turn our bodies to during prsyers. If we pray and do all kinds of good things in this life ..there is a paradise waiting for us with 7 streams and water waiting for us. Proof ? Holy Quran. To teach muslims, Allah sends prophet muhammad pbuh for 63 years. Now he is gone.

Muslims are left with al quraan and hadiths to hold to.  In this country, we have mufti to advice us from the highest king, prime minister right down to the poorest soul here. If the mufti tells us rightly ..we are going to paradise together else the place waiting them and us would be hell. So far theoretically ..that should be the case. But if we follow closely many events in the muslim world might wonder where are the mufti, mulvi or ..what else more?

2) Syaitan iblises sends 7 s to destroy the believers.
First song and sing. We wasted many years in this.
Second, sport. We lost not only games but also many lives when supporters fought against each other in the spirit of friendship.
Third, sex. Many kinds of sex happening. The minister went loose with sex especially  if the ladies are a bit fairer and beautiful. They lost their heads when the others are much prettier than their lawful wives. After some games, they employed someone to kill the mouths etc etc. Refer to daily papers. Many cases like this.
Fourth, social interaction. Man woman mixes like the animals. The father eats the daughters and many times, the kids shoot their own parents.
Fifth, smoking.
Sixth is the .. style fashion  and finally , science of food. Too much money went to the foreigners when ladies from many ranks envy with one another about the latest fashion in town including tudung. When tudung is a big trend every day, when is the real time for these ladies to think about social ills here and globally when god told us umpteeth times , .islam, rasulullah and muslims are sent as agents rightly put as rahmatul alameen? [ opps sorry i did not include yet ..ku puteh Dr Vida .gi lah beli...]  Next is food, we become obsessed with carnal desires and corruption when our bellies are all full. When we eat too much invented n processed food our lives going shorter by many years. We see obesity,  cancer and many sorts of modern sicknesses.

Why did this happen?

We believe in the unseens. Too much of stories from many narrators except melayu. Ironically, many of us just nod of heads up and down many times as if all were well put in front of our eyes. According to science, to see is to believe. But believers here, their nod  reflects they had seen all those.
Our belief getting less and less because our 24/7 we had spend so much of it in the above 6 s. See? Moreover,
Nobody from the graves has ever come back to story us what they got in the graves.
Garden of heaven or a pit of hell.  Imagine if the late politicians came back one after the other and reported to UMNO hq (for example, ok?) ... i think ...many mosques have to be constructed in each corner of this country. When this happen every graduate will get a job.

In baghdad, once upon a time, sheikh kadir jalani turned down the offer from the king when he was offered a great post called mufti.( refer al hidayah house of publisher). Why?  He was afraid with Allah.  Here ..  many souls wanted this job ..this and that.  Example?  Menteri Besar Kedah?

Nowadays, unqualified people are put as ministers controlling financial affairs, security matters, education and many more.
When this take place ...our country which was so rich many years ago ..has suddenly become so poor with hutang as big as RM660 BILLION.

Sorry i used the word Big    because ..i haven't seen that type of money yet  in my life time ..but yet one faithful guy who were said to be the guest of allah year in and year out ... can manage to get donation up to the scale of billions into his own banking account in this present era of i.c.t.  Alas the former P.M here branded the donator from the deserts  as gila/majnun @ mad. ( laugh).

Before I stop, let us repent and put ourselves right in the eyes of Allah. Once and for all.

Wallahu aklam.


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