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Man is a special creature on this wide wide world due to the following characteristics,

Firstly, he demands some degree of love, care and happiness.
This is demonstrated through his daily actions and activities.

If he is old, he wants to be visited by his close ones.
At the time of severe illness, he expects to be cared.
When some thing works out at the end, he will celebrate with his families, relatives and friends.

Secondly, he has many feelings from caring something to hating someone. He cares for his beloved belongings such as his progeny and soon at the other end he is willing to kill some one, some entity , belief and etc.

When he loves someone, he is willing to protect with all his might including his own life. But

When he hates, he might go to the most heinous act called killing. The way he kills is very much different from an animal. A tiger kills a baby cow because it needs some food. But man kills some one through many ways because of jealousy, extreme hatred and pure madness. This is where bombing a 60kg lady happen on top of a hill, last decade in Malaysia. The killers are worse than the tiger.

Jealousy happened not now but if we tracked the life history of some great prophets ..their sons fought because of woman.

Yes, man needs companionship. Adam needs Eve and vice versa. There is love among them. Their act produces the children.

we can see this more in our close circle of parents, families and friends. During any funeral, the man cries to some degrees of hopelessness but this did not last long. Why? The next minute he has a new partner. His sorrow suddenly disappear because he started to see the influence of new things called beauty, youth, property, power and brain.

this are well demonstrated in many hindi films especially in the 60's. They got beautiful songs and of course .,.. the rolling over of the actress all the way down the hills.

next is man got brain. Some got small brain and some has bigger brains.
how? If a man marries his new wives just for carnal desires ..he is just like the tigers, horses and pigs. This desire come from a small brain.

but if man thinks for the good of his people like fair distribution of wealth, power and influence among others ...then his brain has grown bigger that his creator begins to put him in a different level of usefulness. Here we learn there are the levels of man and animal.

Man is clever because he learns something from the others. First his instant behaviour of sucking and crying. These 2 actions, he showed up without schooling.

After some education he got jobs and of course he starts to see many types of world. The world which has many colours. Africa has different colour than the chinese.  The arabs are different from the malays. From this travel, he saw different languages. Some speak so fast and some so damn slow. Some talking looks like fighting. And some looks so singing.

This stupidity is observed daily. From one end, millions watch 22 idiots running after 1 ball and at the other end, kings and big lords played many small balls, sticks and under the scorching sun they walked towards  the small holes.  This action ...many men say they have attained modern living.  This brings to heart problem and cancer.

Education teaches man to respect each other. The asians, afrikans and chinese respect the west because from education there is material developments like tunnels, roads, dams, bridges and internet.

From education and pure belief, man sees the power of alphabets. P,h,d  and the sign with a period. So we have   Ph.d

For this 4 alphabets, some men are willing to spend many years either profitly or wastefully.
Not only the man suffers, the families also do. Sooner some families will jump high during the completion of his study and some quietly pack up and go.

From education, we gain many friends. The malays get to know the british, americans, arabs, aborigines and others.

but .... please the Almighty Allah sees other things. He wants us to attain success not only here in this world but beyond our small graves. Because of that we have islam on this earth.
the book called al quraan where Allah spells out what success is.

Man has to obey his creator called Allah.
with obedience, allah sends pure happiness.

without obedience, there is war and hatred that leads to pure human destruction like Aids, bombs and flood.

insya allah i write more.

So sorry. We prayed fajar or subuh just now. The rain is so heavy. That stops me of going to the big mosque. Now, few drops of rain on my head could make ill with runnning nose and cough. Well, age has caught me up.  After praying, i give a 5 minute talk to my wife and daughter. It is about life in this world and the next after death.

As man we protect our families. One is the teaching of attitudes and values. What attitudes?  Laziness and pure uselessness. Most men are lazy except the poor indians i met in the streets of new delhi and bombay in the 70s.

We got lazy parents, teachers, officers and ministers. Lazy children and lazy nation.

That is why ...prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) pray from wealth and easy life. Usually children from well to do families ..are too lazy to do basic activities like cooking, cleaning their own rooms and also lazy in their study. I saw this in Doha.

I wrote this because you can see this around you 24/7.
too much rubbish outside our compound because we are too lazy to manage them.
Too many pot holes on the roads, because we have so many lazy workers. They saw the holes ..but yet they are not doing anything. They are waiting for P.M visits to tend to those holes.

Aghhh...laziness has its own drumming and beatings..

Next is values. We preach ourselves the importance of patience and perseverance.
Reading Ph.D overseas ..we need a mountain of patience and perseverance. We got to go to the labs in the cold winter because this study belongs to me. Not the President, the King or the beggar on the streets. We left our families in Malaysia for months and years because studying phd is our task. Honesty to that task is a value. Perseverance is another. We need to practice these plus pure integrity, honesty and competency. We must show we got good values as diplomats in London, San Francisco and Moscow. Proving this is a value.

He..he.he... tough there, huh?

Well i can write this because i had experience the hardship, frustration and pure happiness. Alhamdulilah i gained a lot from that experience..

Prophet Muhammad pbuh came to this earth to tell one simple thing. There is hell and paradise. This will happen after our death. He told .,..all humans will die.

The black dies, the white also does.
the rich dies, the poor will also go.
The beautiful queen dies, so does an ugly soul.

we will all die sooner or later. Some were killed in worl war and some got killed because of small fish bones. Some dies under darkness and some does in front of their beloved. We cannot control this even though we are the best inventor of apples, oranges or durians. Simple teachers die, so does the famous singer.

After birth from our mothers womb, we saw this big big world.
after death ....there is another world waiting for us? Much biggervworld.
so prophet muhammad came to teach us to obey the only god called Allah , love our mum and dad, appreciate good times, good health, good jobs and your limited life span.
With our siblings, friends and relatives ..

respect the others.
take care of your health.
taking good care of your brain, jobs, families, societies, nation

be responsible
With our oaths of taking big job like president of america or P.M. Malaysia.
loving your families and subordinates
teach them well and

pray 5 times daily.
from simple life, you have a simple death.
simple questions and ...your journey will be a paradisse with 7 rivers, 7 different types of water underneath them and many more.

a degree, masters and phd are just scrolls ...but these papers leads someone to higher form of comfort and luxury. 3 papers with less than a kilogram weight showed us that, what more

your entire life? 30,40,50,60,70,80,90,150? This has more weight than the scrolls.

do you think ...the next world is small man?

much bigger.
much more ....waiting for you and me.

believe in allah. He does all things ..and we humans ..cannot do anything without his permission.

this is contained in the kalimah. La ila ha illa llah muhamadur rasulullah.

dont be bossy all over the places but at home, he is just a timid like a sick mouse. What kind of tools she has that make man weak?

2) Take care you. Take care everyone.
i tried some there.
may Allah helps us all. AMEEN.

Sazali khalid Ph.d    alhamdulilah( tq teachers, Lecturers, professors, friends, ..., of course you dad and mum. God bless you all)


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