What did we learn so far?

Posted by sazali


In 2014- 2016 , we learnt 2  -  3 important things:

First :  it is very difficult for commoners to sue the government of Malaysia and win any case whats so ever,

second,    we wasted so many million of man hours ..  finally , we saw the decision.  Everything CLEAN .. nothing wrong to  have billions of RM into your account knowingly/ unknowingly

third.,    according to the kitab ..  if you are zalim by others ..your doa has no hijab in the eyes of Allah ....

so far what did you see?
What had you gathered from the stories .. the one who got zalim  got caught, sent to jail

and the one who made all the zalim onto you .. was set free.

That's the story.  Did you get me?


Wasallam/ wallahu aklam

p/s: khutbah USM -  jangan menabur fitnah.  Sejahat jahat amalan ialah menipu, membuat fitnah, berbohong dan lain-lain lagi.  Mesej kepada penulis atas siber


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