wish you wish me

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Somebody wish me happy birthday. Today they wish me happy new year.
Many other wishes ...come our way.
Thats life.

2) but i wish one thing.
Let somebody be our new prime minister. Why?
There are many reasons to this wish.
First, many things funny happening all these years ...
Mongolian murder, sodomy case ABI, somebody's account being credited with 2.6 billion Ringgit Malaysia , his partner also got fat figures in her bank account and many more stories.

I think ...there is something fishy going on in our country.

Secondly, few ministers are not smart enough to lead this country. What came out from their f××x mouths ...that came out from their mouths. They hurt the rakyats feeling. Did they learn to think first before saying anything.

Let there be someone who can pick better ministers than these.

He he he.

Last time we got Tg Razaliegh Hamzah. He was our finance minisfer. This was the best advisor about money matters.
Then we got TAN sri musa hassan as the IGP. Now our new IGP with handsets doesn't sound that clever much.  He answered too fast than our High Court judges. Can he wait a bit?

And many many more like that minister with weird statistics. Imagine 0.0075 per cent foreign students were caught by the laws. From what i know, this is the most laughable story on stats in this world. You know why? From wide research, people did not mention that kind of figure at all in the daily news. Perhaps in a stats class during power point presentation that would be alright. Many profs can unduly understand. Ha..ha..ha. They would write ..less than 10% foreign students were caught  in crimes for example. (Never 0.0075).
Another one, another minister conducted a course about marriage and family from islamic principles in Pariii. Selangor paper reported he had spent 290,000 RM allocation from orphans' fund. Very funny indeed. In the first place, many ustaz and ustazes  are already sent to to Europe and America MSD already to advise our malaysian students in case of mixed marriages, newly converts, accidents and many more. Why 290,000rm course now? Where is the logic hehhh? Why brought that  fashionable lady ....ooops? (Refer Selangor Kini 20 to 27 Nov 2015 edition).

As a good rakyat i wish them ...many things.
Wishing is free of charge. No need to pay, you know?
3) Many graduates are unemployed. But foreign workers are coming almost non stop. What is this?
4) The cost of food and houses ...are getting highrr and higher. Is there nobody out there in the parliment who can explain to the rakyat why? What is the basis towards this spiral of higher prices?
Yesterday they talked so much about discounts on the railway system but the truth is ..they screwing some more money from us.
Dont be a fool.
Pi mai pi mai ...they are trying hard to squeeze more money from all the rakyat.

Wish god helps us. Ameen.


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