Why the paper was rejected

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In the academic world, we are asked to write few papers every year.  This is for conferences and journals.

We write so that we can contribute some new things  to the society both locally and internationally according to our fields/ work. If all lecturers write and their papers were accepted , may be, our ranking would improve. If this happen, more students would come and study here.

Sometimes, a paper is accepted by the Journal and sometimes it doesn't. Why is this so?
I just focus on the rejected paper here.
The reasons of rejection could be :

1)  the date of submission was not adhered
2) the title and the findings were not interesting enough to the readers
3)  it did not reach few standards like rigorousness for example the statistics part -  the covered the descriptive statistics only. This is not enough at this time. The journal may want more than that such as inferential statistics. Sometimes the analysis part was poorly done. The explanation on the significant and non significant values were incorrect. The discussion was also not thorough enough.
4) the grammar
5) the language used was not to the international standard and ...
6) many more


From my experience, some bodies that hold conferences do accept our papers for presentation only.  For further publication, we have to follow stricter rules and regulations.

I think as non-native speaking people, we are always at a disadvantage.

Native speakers write more fluidly that us ..who has to undergo many hurdles like translations etc etc.

But if your paper is accepted, you must celebrate.  It could your first and the last.

Now they are talking about impact factor papers.


Impact factor paper takes much longer than ordinary iJET paper.  It goes few more reviews from different reviewers throughout the world.  My friend told me ..she took 2 years .. to see her paper been accepted by Springer.

Usuallly they use 3 reviewers.  One has to get at least 2 reviewers that think ..our paper reached a certain standard according to their yardstick of course.

But if you are a new researcher, do not feel so up set with any kinds of rejection.  Just read the comments and move on to your thesis writing.  Now you got some important feedback on the contents of your research.  So you must improve.  As simple as that.

Just persevere and try harder next time.  See your supervisor and discuss what to do next.  Please don't jump from the 19th floor in Serdang, Shah Alam or Mumbai.  It is not worth it.  Accept that you have not reached the international standard as required by the university.  There is nothing wrong to ask  how to improve.  He..he..he..

Till then good bye.  Please sleep well.



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