Don't be so sad

Posted by sazali


Many people can easily be sad by many things. The most common ones are death and loss of earnings.

Next to that are the followings. Loss of friends because of political inclinations, love affair, miss the promotion, health issues and ...examinations.

Firstly we are just a normal human being.  Nothing can stop us doing something stupid that could lead to sadness, loss of face and jobs.

Secondly, immaturity like todays case ...a lady was charged with cutting her pakistan husbands anu. Out of so many local guys ..she chose a man who takes capati, dal and not rice, fish or prawns.

Anu in mathematics is variable but in biology , it means the dagger between the legs.


Thirdly, we cannot think straight. Even though we can drive straight home from office everyday ...but that is all that we can do after all.

Many months ago, the world said our P.M was corrupted but yrsterday ...the A.G. declared P.M. was as clean as my grand daughter, grand sons all put together. Very clean man. So that is it.

Why are we so sad? We are sad with what then? He he he the world realized he got the skills to bring money into his account ...even though he talked n understood arabic  so little. He left Tun by miles terms of bringing donation from abroad. He he he.

I think Tun was too clever . That was why he got 0 rm from arabs.
Our P.m now ...he did not show he was so clever yet ..he brought home thro wires ..billions ringgit man. See?

With brain you got nothing
Without brain ...he he he got something...

Beginning today ..let us move on with our lives.
Think about our homes, children, food after maghrib and ... let us sleep much better again.

Did you see many souls were caught ..killed ...thinking beyond your capabilities.

So ..let us read al fatihah n astagh firullah ..n move on please.

If you pray in front of kaabah for hidayah

Our P.M also ask that over there so many times per year.

You cannot win. So let us move on. Oops. You read anything about backbitings.? If you do, he will get all our hajj, fasting, charity etc etc. In the end, we are called so bankrupt. So beware. Please.


Wallahu aklam.


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