dangerous now

Posted by sazali


This world is no longer a peaceful place to live in.

Talking about good politics is dangerous.
Talking about the deen of Allah is also dangerous.

Let us zoom in few issues. Shall we?

We talked about corruption n pack of lies ..
Soon we land ourselves in the prison.  Discrimination. Those who support are let free n those who oppose ..they are caught n dump into the cells.

We talked about
The truth and nothing about the truth
Soon the world will see
We end up behind the bars.  Some got shot in Arab countries.

2)  so what is there behind the world school curriculum
With all types of good values and virtues?

we preach our children
be honest
be truthful
be nice

and the TV shows again n again
it is all the opposites that happen.

3)  someone talked about that arab with billions of rm  in donation
if i were praying 5 times a day
if i were the one observing fasting for 30 days annually
if i were the one doing umrah few times yearly

can i tell lies to my population?
can i tell all sorts of excuses to cover up our misdeeds?  Dont you fear in the power of Allah?

Where is your moral n worthiness?

if one play mockery to Allah
i think so and so  ..ok because Allah someone never take HIm Seriously enough.

but acting this in front of small children
who is going to grow up as adults

one day they will say '  what is this you?  And

They will shoot their  urine on your graves.

We can fool somebody
but you cannot fool everybody all the times.

tides n waves n moons come one after another but
one day ur picture will tell all the whole wide world

Some one is cheating all the way.

With that
fear the day when all parts of our bodies will speak
what they have done

all  this time.
astaghfirullah hal azeem.

watch out u!
what a nonsense all this ..

last time we were rich
now we are loaded with too much debts.

just wait
i m those who belong to the oppressed
i beg Allah to teach this rotten souls ...here or never. Ameen 3 x.

wallahu aklam


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