it is ok

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Many people complain many things.

Some not happy with themselves.  Their look. Their teeth. Their bums.  So big they said.  As big as the washing machines. OMG.
Some not happy with the others including their spouses n partners.  Too thin.  Too tired.  Cannot go so long.  He he he.
Some not really happy with their work place.  Too far.  Too boring. All malay students.  No challenge.

The teachers who are teaching english in PKB said ...they ask, they have to answer their questions as well.

On the road, they are not happy.  Proton versus Honda. I  say man.  At the toll, they have to bring down the windows.

In the buildings, they are feeling the stress.  Sometimes, the lift does not work.  Hushh tired climbing the stairs.
At home some times so hot even though they put on the air cond.  Actually they are sick to realise this.

They fly .. not happy.  Air Asia.  So cheap.. every body flying  from his kampung.
They fly .. SIA .. so expensive.

They swim .. not happy also. Why?  The water too shallow and got funny smell.  Too many stools .. floating near their noses.  Hishh.
In the pond, not happy.  Nobody is swimming except him alone.

One day .. he got  the English Channel  to beat  but wait ..
Not happy .. lacking the thrill.  He said that ..not me.

So we follow him in Australia one day.
So happy ..but an hour or so
He could not be found any where.
Oopss.. the Jaws got him all in.  One gullp.. his hair also gone.

Now ..the complaint stopped for ever.  See?  He deserved this alright.

Moral of the story.

When we die .. our complaint ended once and for all.

So it is ok, right?

take as it is please.  We have 4 billion people to handle.



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