order and ordering someone

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The word  order  means to give instruction.

The one who gives out an order is call a manager.

And the one who gets the order is the slave or politely put employee.

2)  in the year 1800 to 1960
The rich were considered as the manager
While the poor lots were considerdd the workers or slaves.

3)  in the malay home
The husband is the manager
And the wife  the cook.

in technical terms , the cook takes orders
of course .. from the manager or ..he he he
the boss known as the husband.

so the flow of ordering is
from the top to the bottom.

if we understand that
life is a real bliss.

but the problem happens some sort like this

.in the 1800s, 1900s
the manager gave orders once.
the cook understood and they lived happily after.

The story endsvthere.

but now it is the year 2016
soon 2017

the woman wants to be the boss
the man , out of respect, just quietly
getting orders one after the other.

bossy  u?

in the morning the lady boss wakes up
she .. gives out orders 1,2,3

start the car
prepare thevkids
drivevthem tovschool
drive me to the opis


after sometimes
the boss called

where you?

can we go out lunch ..kapitan kling ok?
the boss ask
are we not buying anythingbfor the kids?

get them fish curry
sambal belachan

send me back bang
fetchbthe kids plz

dontvforget ..izzad cannot take hot stuff

time now 1750 hours

where u?
i want to go work out
fetch me a bit late ok?

Time already 2000 hours
where you?

oghhhh.. so many calls
so many orders

who from
the boss lah
ooops  your wife ..boss  huh?

oh my Allah
you see so many orders

just wonder
how much more to take

nowbthe mansvheart cannot pump so well

tired listening to  so many repeating orders

check again plz
the boss .. the lady ok?

the servant .. oops ..the father

he he he

thats why the men are going to RIP

cannot go
so many orders from a lady called my wife.

we die faster



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