luxury - the unknown consequences

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In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful

One day Gibrael a.s. came to the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w  who was crying after being beaten by the kafirs for doing the dakwah (propagation of Islam)

He whispered something like this

".. you can ask from Allah so that your followers will have a luxurious life".

You know readers
Our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w

Turned down the offer very flatly.

As muslims we know that what Rasulullah s.a.w. did
It was all guided and protected by the Al Mighty Allah.

This are the reasons why luxury was not in Prophet Muhammad's s.a.w.  head and soul.

1.  When we live luxuriously
We will forget the commandments of the Al Mighty Allah.

This can be seen in many homes
The parents who took lightly the importance of the daily prayers
The girls who took western life styles n ignoring halaal and haram issues as openly as
They would like to do
They talk big.
They acted as kufurs.
too much flash they exposed to the other males every where they go

2.  When the ummah is living under luxury
We will ridicule the sunnah of the blessed live of  Rasulullah s.a.w
We will make fun of the religious people
We will feel going to the mosque is a waste of time
We prefer cheap newspapers to the words of Allah in the Holy Quraan
We will look down at poor people
We lost the real purpose of our life.

3.  When we live too luxuriously
We did not eat and finish our food from the plates

we throw away so much food ( check this in our hotels and functions)
we eat selectively
we attend functions of the rich
we ignore the invitations of our poor brothers n sisters
we lost our social values
we think shopping even though we have similar things in our houses, cupboards in great quantities examples clothings, saucery etc etc
we forgot the needs to ask from Allah who has given us our lifes, health, wealth, wisdom and dignity
if we got problem
we quickly turn to the big powers like America, China etc etc

our homes ..there is no recitations of the Holy Quraan from our own mouths
what we hear it is just al quraan from the radios and recorded items
when the al quraan is in the air
we are doing stupid things.
Some offices ..there is Al Quraan in the air but many places are not well attended.  I.e., somebody not at his desk respectively,
we do not take seriously our daily work
we punch cards
but that is that.  Few went missing the whole day.  Some can be found in the wet markets with fishes, muttons and fruits.  Few visit their part time busineses.
some puffing up smoke of cigarettes up into the air
we did not know what Allah is warning us in the Quraan

4.  Luxury means eating too much
when we eat like pigs
we can hardly walk to the mosques especially  fajar, subuh or the dawn prayers.
we cannot stand long in the prayers
we cannot wake up and do tahajjud in the dead of the nights
we are always rushing to go out from the mosques and play games from our gadgets
we sleep too much examples on sunday mornings ..some people sleep the whole day.  Not only the fat men but also their women struggling their bodies into 10 year old school uniforms of their small children
we take nights as days and we take days as nights
we also take all kinds of pills
Some go for umrah like going for picnic and tour to London, NYork
Our body and soul becomes weak like chinese vegetables
we think very poorly.
Simple jobs ..we cannot do.
in the universities, our children are learning soft subjects like music and singing
The best course we can do is just design and fashion. If not cooking near the rivers or on top of the hills.
Harder courses like Theoretical mathematics and Applied Physics
no body among the rich  families can go, undergo
Their talk looks so foolish ..just see our Parliament.
When can the rakyat hear something wise and great from the talks
of those who have big bellies and/or fat allowances?

5.  When we are too rich

unknowingly ..
our God is money.
our God is bribery.  Refer to Sabah Water Department.  They put millions of cash into washing machines, cabinets and rak
our God is pack and pack of lies.
Some one has killed somebody, some where because their God is power
inferior things ..we jacked the price to the scale of millions, billions and trillions.  We invented the figures because we didn't believe our accounts will be opened up for whole world to see
we forgot Allah is seeing all our daily actions  big or small
silly things ..we projected as important agenda

for examples
5.1  building stadiums with air cond facilities in very hot and dry countries
5.2  building network of railway lines passing through flooded areas in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.  Once the flood subsided, the cost of maintenance is too much a burden to bear.

We forgot one thing.  We are all going to die.

and many more stories. Better keep for some other times.  In sya Allah.

See the wisdom of our Holy Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) 1438 years ago?

in short
let us do a lot of istigfar, taubah nasuha, corrected quickly our target of going
and let us live simply ever after when we are still living now

let us spend more time doing dhakwah
and learn the great deen of Allah i.e., Islam as sincerely as we can

thank you.
Thousand apology if the writings get smack on someones faces with so much ku puteh (chemicals)
The writer never intend that honestly
it is from his readings ( Muslims and Bukhari) when most of us is too occupied with football in the mamak stalls, musik musik and Jalan jalan cari makan

Wallahu aklam.
Al Fatihah


Raidiaatuls Solihin
Sahih Muslims Vol 1,2,..4
Sahih Bukhari
Bimbingan Mukminin


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