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When we did something wrong, we ask for forgiveness.

Prophet Adam a.s. did something wrong.  He quickly turned to the Al Mighty Allah seeking for forgiveness.  Of course he was pardoned.  I heard he was sent down from heaven to the earth.  He was dropped in India.

Ministers of Japan, South Korea ..when they were found to be wronged. They quickly asked for pardon and resign.  This is an act of good moral.

Good moral comes from good upbringing.
With religion, attitude and values we think it is good to say sorry if we crossed the line of errors.

What did i mean here?
Graft .. sorry. Pay back.
Cheating and lies .. so sorry.  Forgive me plz.
Sodomy .. gross error?  Oh Allah .. man did taubat nasuha.
How come you are blind?  Woman is there but still you climb the soft boys back.  Oops ..with the smell
U  are a real idiot!

Allah destroyed the nation of Luth a.s.  because of their grievous sins ..homosexuality and sodomy.  The land was lifted and then it fell on their heads.  At the moment, Allah gives this man the chance to repent.  Do it quickly before calamity and hardship befalls us.

All these stories could be obtain from Al Quraan.
Read and think.

Of course after thinking, do something.
You wont be astray.

Forgiving each other is good.
Late payment of your debt .. ask for forgiveness.
Add some more ..if you do that, we can live much better.

If you owe me rm10000 and after ten years  pay back 100,000rm.  Just plus 1 more naught
That rm10000 is valued  differently.
So pay the extra. This is good, right?  Ikram  ma?

Ask the banks throughout the world.
They practice this happily ever after.
See the chety.  They employed gangster to get the extra...

By doing this, they can go back to India many times yearly either by ship or aeroplane.  They can also walk from Penang to India but I dont think they will reach their villages safely.  They will be eaten by the animals high and dry.  Yum , yum , yum.

He..he.he...  the bones of the chety is every where.

Think i better pen down.  Forgive me  ok?

Wallahu aklam.


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