Happier times

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Man is a special creation on this earth.
He has brain, feeling and of course carnal desire.

With his brain, he can think.
He thinks how to get food, housing, clothing and money.
When hevreaches a certain age, he wants a partner.
Life is better with a partner.
Here he will share many things. His stories, ideas, ..
And soon from discussion they got their off springs.

He has feelings too.
In a hindi film entitled Sangam
A man shows he was frustrated with a girl.
The girl loves another armed officer.
He was just an ordinary man.
If  I were that girl, i would prefer an army officer rather than settling with a commoner.
I can live in big houses, cars and of course good food, fruits and many more.
I love the songs .. a frustrated man chasing after a far distant love.

The choice was made because we have brains.
With brains we can think.

Carnal desire?
This is important too.
With this elements called nafsu man gets his babies one after another.  With desire, the markets can push many kinds of product.  The man can be easily manipulated when they have various kinds of desire. The desire for beauty. The desire for fashion and show and many things else. People are willing to kill anybody to stay in power for ever.  Why?  With power they get money.  Example Sabah  Water Department.  Astagfirullah.

I got a friend. She has 11.
OMG.  Other than 11, they got Ph.D too.
See?  Where did they get time to get this nice number, huh?.

This world is a happy place to live
but alas this is not for us forever.

soon we die.
from earth we come,
to the earth we return.  Al fatihah.

be happy please?


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