Happy times

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November has come.  We are already approaching the end of the year.  It is good to be happy, right?
What are the reasons being happy?

1.  We are still healthy

A man who can manage to the mosque every morning for dawn prayer without asking anybody for help.. this reflects one way or another the state of his good health.
What more the angels do the ameen for him at qunut time.

2.  We stay contented

Now majority of Malaysians are disappointed with the increasing cost of living.  This is the act of the government who increase the cost of petrol yesterday. The increase pushes many other cost of food examples roti canai, drinks and many more at the stalls all throughout the country.

in this condition, we still remain loyal to the country.
we do not burn any building.  We still attend to our work with many kinds of faces.
some expresses anger. Some shows frustration. We just do our work while eating less and spent shorter time in the canteens.

The government of today is very lucky to have this type of people.  Even though many of the graduates could not get jobs.. the citizens remain calm and happy.

in India,  most probably many shops and buildings are torched down at every hour the minute when they are angry and penniless. Proof?  Study the hindi films from 1950 to 2010. What did you learn?

3.  The number of children and grand children keeps multiplying.

people have more babies when they are happy.  The records in the hospitals are the proofs. Nurses and doctors are busy in the delivery rooms.  They are well paid with their duties.  Personally i haven't come across any medical staff who shows disappointment with few cases to solve.  In short, their hands are full.
Some people left to other countries to get jobs examples the indopak people who are very willing to work in the Middle East.  When they are away, the ladies are much happier. Initially they cry at the airports but soon they see another benefits coming fast to them. They do not need to carry extra weight in their tummies.  Just ask them politely.  Is it true ?

now just wait at the bank.
their husbands are sending them cash for daily maintenance.
This is a good model demonstrating their level of happiness.

If we go to Philippines, their ladies are sending the cash from the Middle East to their very handsome husbands.  So does Indonesians.

These 2 countries have very loyal and loving ladies.  I wish I can act as the recipient there. Just take care of the young ones and other daily chores and at the end of the month the money is coming from the loving wives.

Humans do this when they are happy.
my dear friend Prof Masami from Japan always ask me this stupid question.
who ask them to send the money?


He also ask me .. who ask you not to eat at that hour during Ramadhan.
You can eat right?

the answer is simple.
we are happy not to eat in the day time during Ramadhan.
we are happy to be the donkey working hard in Saudi and the milk keeps flowing back to our countries. What really matter is we love each other very much.

That ends my writing about many of us remain happy at hard or low time.
thank you.



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