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After retirement , many people think they are going to die.
Poor old souls.

I don't buy that story.

1.  Death doesn't come only for the old soldiers.
2.  It comes anytime.  Our children is subjected to it ..at any time.
So beware.
3. Young married couple also can go. Any time if Allah wants u  back.

It is good to do this

A.  Open a tahfiz ..sponsor ustazah, ustaz let them teach al quraan, hadith, akhlak., dakwah and many more.

B.  Open a laundry. If we gain some profit let the money be sent to the students in Deoband, India,  Raiwind, Pakistan or Dewsbury, England.
This money generates more thawab for us ..muslims.

C.  Sponsor somebody who are going for dakwah tabligh all over the world. Why not?
From dakwah, the institutes of ad deen will flourish more and more. In sya Allah.


Some like to travel to Brazil, Argentina, South Africa
But how long can we holiday per time?

It is usually a week or two at most.

You get some pleasure, happiness and a bit comfort
But home is where our hearts belong.

If we fly to China,
We shall see the great wall of china
So what?

If we fly to Jogja
U see the temple.

In Penang lots and lots of temple.
The stones of the temples cannot talk, sing or say hello to you at all.

The stones are just similar to the stones of our homes.
Nothing different. Nothing to wonder.
At most ..all kinds of molds .. mushrooms and sometimes a snake will bite you.
You die.
Pity you.

Some of us ..imitate those .. colony. Past colonial powers.
They just want to have fun.

I got a friend.
After retirement he flew europe and USA
Upon return, he got a stroke.
Drop down to the floor and of course the story ends.

Pity him.  Al fatihah.

If he heeds my advice at least his money
Invested for the spread of ad deen will be credited into his account forever, now and only Allah knows when the thawab will stop.


He he he.
Don't waste any more time.
Don't waste your breath.
Do something for the work of deen plz.

Help the poor studdnts in Malaysia,
Eygpt, jordan , Pakistan and many more.
Help them .. in sya Allah all your coins, ringgit will produce better harvest in this world n the here after.

Please. I call myself first.
If you flew London in 1980
And then you fly London now
Nothing has changed so much.

What has changed is you.
Your ankles, legs ..cannot go any more.  The way you walk .. people can tell grand dad.  You are not fit any more.  Sometimes u go blank.  Lost breath .. my villages say.  Your sight ..see blank.   See?

Your teeth cannot take beef burger as well as the time you bit it in 1980.  You took so long to finish a bag of fish and chips. Why?  Well what to say ..granny.. upper gum 3 teeth, lower gums  4 teeth left.  In short, our teeth has lost the biting, chewing action .. any more.  So sad  lor.

He he he.

Love yourself bro.  And sis.

Time is flying fast.
Don't  waste it any more.

Do something nice for our soul and of course our deen. Allah hu Akbar.  Allah loves us who has sudddnly realise .. jom ..come closer to the blessings of Allah.



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