sorry Sir

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Our society has so many sorries.

Let me give you few good examples for us to ponder and do something seriously.

1.  Our children going late to schools
So sorry sir.  We overslept.

2.  Our restaurants too dirty

So sorry Mem.
not enough water ..
so sorry Mister
our staff not properly trained.

sorry  Sir
our drinks so sweet.
half tea spoon of nescafe but
5 table spoons of sweetened milk

sorry brother
the brink of the cups so dirty
our eyes ..we did not see

3.  All the sums are wrong

So sorry Sir.
My calculator ..the battery is dead

4.  The meetings started late

The ministers are saying sorry again and again.
they controlled the aeroplanes, armies, policeforce, securities
yet they reach late for meetings with the rakyat

5.  Somebody shot dead. Why?

they paid late their dues.
Some Ah Long hired some killers to finish some one off.  There and then in spite of begging for his life to spare  with of course 1,000,000 sorry from his lips
So sorry to hear that

6.  The projects like stadiums, hospitals, bridges, highways

so sorry.
They keep falling one after another.

7.  The hospitals were on fire

so sorry My Royal Highness.
What can  I do?  The project costed millions
but we built using cheap sand, cement, iron and steel.

there are fire extinguishers
Sorry  ku .. some did not work properly.

In the banks, some one got robbed and killed,
sorry.. the recorder did not work this time.

8.  Leakages in public examinations papers

few officers were blamed.
Soon sorry
there is not enough proof to blame any one.
in short, we wasted so many trees that were chopped down in cooking some stories.

9.  Many more.

in short we can not go

Cannot go any where really?

so much sorry.

the food we ordered was not properly cooked.

the project was a disaster because we wrongly
projected, forecasted

we taught our students feasibility study
but we never practise
That thing

we taught our primary kids the principles of accounting
debit and credit

but our daily actions
never show any sign of us being a careful citizen. We are spending thriftily.
Where are the top accountants, economies, mathematicians, ustaz, mulvis of this country?  Where

so sorry sir
we wrongly claim

sorry sir
i did not intend to say so and so ( actually)

sorry King
i never iron my clothes myself

Sorry PM
my English not so good

and the list goes on from the grand parents,

grand children
grand grand children

By that time comes sorry
someone is crying in the toilet

just cannot kencing any more

So sad country.

Our curriculum the best in this world
but our teachers, principals

sorry we did not make it great

the national flag goes high when we sing together at schools and stadiums
but our own flags cannot go any degree higher.  We lost to maintain a bit longer ok?

Allahu Akbar!


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