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20 years ago , a noise is related to sound.

Sound of the traffic , sound of a hi-fi system, sound of a woman screaming after her husband about his rotten activities outside the wed lock and so on.

Now  noise has different meanings.  It may cover the things below.

1.   Cheating

a man wanted to borrow your money.  He used all the tricks including al quraan and hadiths

the aim is to get your money.
Promise  remained promise.
Since your money has gone out
it is making your heart to explode.
the heart burnt .. one day you drop dead bcoz of this noise.

2.  Friends eating friends

Ahmad got a house.
Nobody is staying there.

One day he met his 60 year old friend.Old friend from primary school.
Some assalamu alaikum
Some insya allah

Then u got caught.
You let him run your empty house.He let your house for tourists while u r busy
Living else where looking for the only Allah day in day out.

On return
Your old friend made money from your idle home

While u
Collected all sorts of bills and footed them
In the promise of heaven n earth.

pity you.
you drop dead because your heart beat suddenly soared n your head got all kinds of stars.

These are all noises.  Did you notice this my dear?

many people did not care
you die now
or you dying sooner than expected.  Who cares?  They just al fatihah n they carry on smilingly with his gang.

so my humble advice
be careful.  No body is dying for you.  Dont be an easy meat for others.  Hold on to everything u  have the best that u could.

Stay healthy. Smile more. Forgive n forget. Take care of your diet. Follow the doctors advice.  No smoke no smoke.  Just run a bit 10 minutes a day.  Everyday.  Avoid quarelling with your wife. Dont live beyond your means even for ur own children.  Have some money with you.  Dignity is ..never beg. Do a lot of solat and prayers. Read the Holy Quraan but if the water is coming fast, run plz.  ( flood n monsoon).

That's all.Just be careful.

thieves /  thefts come in many sizes, colour, shapes etc etc.

sometimes they used all kinds of tricks by employing his own wife, primary school kids, prostitutes and many more
as the bridge between you, your money n his pockets.

he he he

good bye world.
you are there  cheated and dead there out in the day bright.

high n dry like a cat run over by all kinds of vehicles in all kinds of weather and heat for so many days, weeks and months.  Oh Allah help us. Protect us.  Bad people are all over us. Ameen.

please hear and answer our prayers.  Ameen.
So sad.
the police, the soldiers, our own siblings
..they just dont care. Given the chance ..why  not?  Fast money.  Every one wants that. Astagh firullah hal azeem.
unto Allah we all put our trust.



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