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With the pleasure of Allah
I was able to read a hadith from Kitab Amal Sedekah.

Page 94

Sayidina Abd Rahman bin Auf
Reported Rasululah s.a.w

Has said

I swear on 3 things in the name of Allah where my life is in his hand

1.  Your wealth will not decrease by giving sedeqah or alms openly.  Thus increase your sedeqah daily.
2.  If any one was treated badly   but he forgive , soon in the day of akhirat
ALLAH will upgrade his status.
3.  If you ask from people again n again for anything pertaining to your daily needs
ALLAH will reward you with poverty and you will feel satisfied no more with whatever you had.

Pg 94, 95
Kitab Fadail Sadaqah 2014  Sri Petaling Maktabi Ilmi.

Please do sadaqat.
Never complain if someone approah you
else many people suggest this -  you better live in the cave
such as Batu Caves in Selangor.  Here u stay all alone in the house.

Now we have so many beggars.
Ready born beggars
and ..made up in Malaysia beggars.  They are found every where. In the mosque, outside the masjid, inside the office, near the mamak stalls n many more.

they will ask from you help.
so help them please.  Dont complain at all.  Smile while giving.

what to do?  Since u are driving a small car only, mathematically speaking
you muzt be having so much sAvings.

You know you cannot bring anything after death especially u got death by accidents.
so give some part of your savings to the beggars b4 death comes to you.

dont worry.
Allah will reward u  with paradise.

Allah will immediately replace your lost wealth after sedeqah more and more.

So yakin in Allah.

You know what 'yakin' means?
It means something like this

'.. everything belongs to Allah.  We come out from the mums womb with nothing
and wevgonna go home to meet Allah with nothing.

Allah controls everything.
Today we are rich.  HE gives that wealth.
Today we are alive.  He  bestows on us this happy life.

if Allah can destroy other nations once upon a time

Long long time ago
Allah can destroy us too any time.  Right?

So before calAmity comes onto us
why not just do our best.
if we can help some one, just help
else say  something nice.

Believe Allah prolongs our life a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade, a century
once we help others without stopping.

Our rezeki is poured onto us from the heavens.
Health is rezeki.  Able to eat is rezeki.  Going to work and you earning money is rezeki.
fertile lands are rezeki.  The seeds that grow is rezeki.  You grow the seed  into rice, wheat, millet and many more ... or Allah grows the plant?  Who really?
Having friends is rezeki.  Reading this is also rezeki.
Getting married is rezeki. Having some one small in your belly is also rezeki.
Healthy baby is rezeki. A sick dad is also rezeki.
once the rezeki  stop.  You are now called a dead body.

so before death visits you , have strong yakin in the power of Allah my dear one (s).'

in short yakin is iman. Period!



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