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Our Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w read istighfar more than 1000 times a day asking for forgiveness.

We should do more than that.

I givevyou 10 reasons here.

1.  We did not work hard enough.
Our pay so good but our commitments so low.
Our thoughts are every where except our real task.  So our rezeki not 100% halal.

2.  We bought cars after cars.  Houses after houses. Renovation one after the other.
Mostly using riba. Interest is haram.

3.  We knew so much but we  practice so little

3.1  letting our wife here n there without proper attires.
her shape .. causing fitnah every where she was.

3.2  so do our daughters.  Their dressing looks similar to the kafirs.

4.  We eat many things.  Mostly ..we are not so sure
Whether they are 100%  halal or not.

5.  We pray ..not so hard.
We pray alone even though the masjid is so near our home.
Very strange, right?

6.  We back bite others.
we are eating our brothers sisters flesh.
By back biting our good amal all credited into those accounts that we spoke ill of.
then their sins all transferred into our account.
soon we are a complete bankrupt soul.
pity, we never realise that.

7.  We cheated in our examination. According to the ulama
our pay n income is haram.  Did you give some thoughts about that?

8.  We watched ladies who put on so much flesh.  Those flesh are haram.
Is that ok?

9.  We watched too much TV.  We missed subuh prayer day after day.
Not only the husband and wive did not pray
their grandparents were .. missing the prayers ever since.

10.  Some people, if they attended a funeral their hearts became a bit softer..
but not them.  How hard their dark blacked heart may be full of sins.
as such ..

we are all required to ask for repentance and taubah nasuha.

Oh Allah forgive us.  I call myself it before it is too late.

Bear witness My ROBbb  my advice here is for me, my family and others.

Now zohor.

Excuse me plz.


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