thank you so much

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Just a bit of report.

Today  i  got  3000 french , 1500 american , 400 russians, 300 malaysians , 100 germans, and 50 each indonesian, portugese, italiane, polish, romanian and spanish readers.

Tq so much.

I had never thought these readers are willing to read what i observed, analyzed and reported.

Your constant interst had pushed  me a bit more writing. In sya Allah
It wil be given to all you readers from time to time.

Most of my observation came from
Malay, chinese and indian  families in South East Asia.

we like to imitate many things from the west
football, sport, games, music.

some are strong followers of english/ american books, magazines, fashion, football clubs and food.
education i think.

tq once again.  Keep reading n .. i am willing to hear good comments plz.


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