I beg to differ

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Tonight i went to the Ibrahimi Mosque Pasir Puteh.

I learnt something here and may I share please. May  I?

1.  We should bring our family to the mosque

We are not good enough to teach our wife and children
Many things about islam.  We have to admit openly.  We are so good about 1 million things except this big matter called iman, amal and fikir ad deen.

Sometimes by bringing our families to the mosque
Our children will slowly understand
What ad deen actually is. The roh of praying together.  Hopefully

Our wife and daughters ..by seeing, listening ..their hearts gotten a bit soft to obey Allah
Slowly but surely

2.  Kafiruns are no longer afraid of us.  Define kafiruns?

We got a disease something deep inside us.
What is it?

A disease called 'wahann' where we just
Love the dunia so much
And we are too afraid to die.

2.1  love of dunia
We fight among ourselves to get more control of the political influence thus we got more
projects, sub projects thus in doing so our kitchens, washing machines, cupboards, boxes at home are all stack with cash. (REFER TO SABAH PWD..2016 story of the century)

2.2  fear of death

We are not keen to know who is dead next door, nearby village, old classmate
we never prepare ourselves
when death suddenly comes to us during accidents examples LPT, Plus Highway
in short
we are not prepared at all to meet Allah here and then.  If we claim to be fully prepared, what are the proofs?

In the masjid
we can see many veterans.
Did we ever dare to stop and ask ourselves

where are our beloved sons and daughters now?
some of the veterans are very religious among the 4 walls of this masjid.  Some are enjoying telling their umrah trips  annually

their sons and daughters
are too mad with
music, fashion, beauty and care, hair style like their pop stars, football stars - red warriors
sport, olympic, academy fantasia and online business.

in the villages, the boys are mad with motorbikes.
given an empty road, they will ride the bikes like stupid monkeys.

while in the cities  some
teenagers are driving their parents ' expensive cars without any specific destination.
Some are badly influenced by drugs and to get instant cash they sell their bodies.

who to blame here?

subuh so many veterans manage to come here by crawling inch by inch

at home
some of their children failed to pray subuh.
their daughters over slept while their son in laws never bother to ask .. why must they wake their wife up?

so sad right?

if the girls are never brought up well in islamic practices
when they marry their Abu and Ali
who are just ill prepared about Allah, Rasulullah, Al Quraan and Al Hadith
what guarantee .. can these newly wed couples  bring up
soleh and solehah families

or this is just parrotting songs in the birds'  cage?

a report was published
50,000 divorce cases in this country
Selangor, Kelantan, Johor
the front runners.

The main reason is poor practice of islam in their homes.

do something please b4  it is too late.  I am writing this just to share what i heard just now.   Tq ustaz.   Nothing like asking u to pay for this simple writing.  Remember at present, we pay 30 sen for a single visit to the public toilet while here ... out of my sheer social responsibility .. i write this to warn myself first ..if we do not care about ad deen .we shall see the same fate going to happen here just like in Burma, Myanmar, Syria, Palestine, Bosnia, Afhganistan ..many parts of the world.  The kafiruns are eating us life and OIC just started to discuss, find some papers, print some nice speeches and .. in the meantime ..million of the poor souls had lost their lives. Btw, where r you rich muslim countries? Wasallam. Wallahu aklam.



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