spending time in dakwah

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We are encouraged to sacrifice some time in the path of Allah.
In dakwah tabligh

By spending time we learn

1.  To focus our mind in ibadah to Allah
2.  To control our fikir
3.  To follow the footsteps of the holy prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h

4. The sunnah of the great phophets alai his salam


1.  Focus is important.
Without focusing on a job, we are destined for failure.
Satan , iblis and nafsu distract our focus.

2.  Fikir
Syaitan, iblis attack our fikir towards
All kinds of pleasure and entertainment.

When we have a good fikir
We can develop many things.
We built homes, mosques , buildings, roads and bridges
Using focused fikir.

We built our thesis from a proper taught fikir.
Hw to get fikir?Read al quraan and doa.

3.  Footsteps of the Holy Prophet

This is called the sunnah of the Holy Prophet.
The greatest sunnah is to do dakwah.
Inviting others to do good things
Forbiding others from sins.

Sins?  Syirik, zina, rasuah , graft, robbery, thefts,
Stealing, hypocricy, jealous, fitnah and spending time in untowards activities.

4.the sunnnah of the prophets

Prophet  Lut called his people to stay away from homosexuality.
Those who disobey, Allah destroyed them in an earthquake..

Prophet Noah called his son and wife
To get into his ship.
They disobeyed.
Allah sank them in a big flood.

In sum
To get safety and happiness
We have to spend time inbdakwah.

One day and one night in the path of Allah
Is better than the whole world and
What ever its contents.

This world is temporary.
Akhirat is everlasting abadi abada.

Tq. Please come.

Sri Petaling mosque. Maktab


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