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Today is Friday.

Good to read Surah Yaseen.
Do a lot of salawat or darood for the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

1 darood =  10 blessings Allah send onto you

2)  do some charity or sedeqah openly or secretly

The best sedeqah is to your old parents and poor siblings.  If you are my child, buy me good grapes.  He..he..he..  else good dates else ..  tq so much.  Sorry to ask my dear.

Smiling is also sedeqah.  Going to the mosque a bit early is also good for us.
spend time to read quraan and al hadith if you are a lady, a girl.
Make repentance and lots of doa.
Read good books for your own good. Seek knowledge n practise upon the knowledge.

3) Avoid going for shopping during zohor.  This is Friday.  Respect it in the name of Allah. Dedicate this day for zikir and taubah.  Ask Allah for rezeki.  You may read this book by Fathuri Salahudeen about how easy to get rezeki.  It costs less than RM20 but inside the book there are too many diamonds to practise.

4)  IF you are the boss examples Head Teacher, Big Teacher, small teacher, Director, Manager
visit your sick friends in the hospitals.  Help them by giving comforting words.
Bring along some sweets like honey and fruits.  By visiting we spread what love is among the muslims and muslimats.

learn to talk nicely in the hospital.  Learn to forgive.
Ask the sick ones their needs for today.  Perhaps some bankings in sending their money to their loved children in the universities and colleges.  By doing this, we speed up their recovery processes.  By

visiting the sicked ones, we shall realize the gift of health. Use this healthy body to obey Allah more and more as what Prophet Muhammad did.

do some work of dakwah today please.  Dakwah is the biggest sunnah. Spreading good words is dakwah.  May Allah accepts our good deeds.  Ameen.

Tq.  Sorry my poor English my dear readers. Thousand apology.

Wallahu aklamm


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