waking up

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After sleeping i go to the toilet.
Washing my hands with a bar of soap and then
I take a quick bath.

I never spend more than 10 minutes bathing.
There is nothing much to wash.  My hair has gone thinner so no need so much shampooing.

sometimes others  spend a long long time.
may be many accessories on their bodies to check and recheck.

2)  Praise to Allah for we are alive again.
some have passed away in their sleep especially in the hospitals throughout thd wide wide world.

expired date.  Al fatihah.

3)  walking, driving to the mosque is a must.
i want to get ameem from the imam.
If he ameem, i ameem and the rest of the people ameen
then the angels from the sky also ameem for us.  Free of charge.

It is not easy to get ameem from the angels.
it is not 1 angel but
thousands piling one after the other from the earth to the sky.
Allahu akbar.

4)  in the doa qunut (mashab Shafie)
the imam ask Allah for health.

if the angels ameem
insya allah
you and i
will be healthy.


How much is health?
better ask  someone in the hospital with all sorts of critical illnesses like diabetes, heart failure, kidney problem and many more.

see hw much he is willing to
pay for going healthy again like you and me.  Ask please?

Give glad tidings to those
who go for the blessings from the Almighty Allah
where the angels that took part saying amemm for us.

free of charge.

we can do this
when we are still alive.

good to sleep early.
never stay too late.

you are not the PM of this country.

becoming PM
he has to think many things
about the rakyat, the welfare of the rakyat,
1st January 2017 many of us going to school again
School fees, books, PTA, school buses, school bags and so much more.

Did you remember the story of Calliph Omar al Khatab. One dark night

he went to check the surroundings
Suddenly he saw
a lady singing a happy song

upon checking in their tents
he saw with his own eyes

the lady was boiling rocks for houurs

Her children had gone asleep
learning that their dear mum preparing some food for them
Since the waiting was so long
their sleep over powered their weak eyes. So
they all went to bed
empty stomach.

imagine 2,3,4 year old boys and girls going to sleep without any food
such as nasi lemak, nasi ayam, nasi ikan bakar and
many fresh vegetables and fruits

Looking at this the Calliph Omar fall down to earth and crying

immediately after gaining his  composure
he went to Baitulmal
and brought a gunny sack of wheat
for the children.  He carried thevsack on his own shoulder.

there and then
he cooked the food for the children himself.

Look this is an example of a ruler.
A ruler that once ruled the whole world.
islamic empire that beat the 2 great empires of that time
the romans  and the persians.

that was thousands of years ago.  We didnt practice this anymore.  Right?  In the breakfastb table, we are too engrossed with our own tablets, gadgets
Some of us looked down at those who attend their prayers   in the old mosques.
some of us hate to see
A group of youngsters knocking at the doors of their own neighbours
about Allah, prayers and charities (dakwah and tabligh)
The parents hide their children from listening something from the groups of dakwah.
Some ladies lied by saying their husbands are not inside the house.  Oops
What is something here?  It is about life here is short but the life in akhirat is long abadi abada. Please get  yourselves fully prepared.

take care of yourself.
Take care of those under you.
if you are a husband , take care of your beloved ones ..your lovely wife, your fantastic children Year 1, Year 7, Year 12 in the pra university.
if you are a teacher, never think beyond your needs.
buy something for your poor pupil, student.  Some go to school without food even though they are studying in Kuala Lumpur.

let us do something please.
can we?
if we do something for others
then the whole world would not be at war anymore.

what is religion
if we cant practice this simple caring in our daily lives?

with that i leave you my dear readers
25th December 2016.



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