Good Morning

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As an English Language teacher
If I were to enter my class
The students will wish me Good Morning Sir.

2)  similarly if they meet me anywhere
In towns for example

I got this greetings
Such as

Good afternoon Sir
Good evening Sir
and Good night Sir.

Even after 3 or 4 decades later
If They meet me
They always refer me as their english language teacher.

I think it is good
For the sake of respect between a teacher and his students regardless of
Race, religion and color.
that is very good.

respecting your teacher is a good sign of a healthy community.

3)  the only regret is
I am just a Malay gentleman teaching english
Among my own people and children.

As such the following
Things happen all along the way

3.1  they said better use
Assalamualaikum instead of good morning, good afternoon and good night

They argued one is more complete
Than the others.


3.2  i replied since the class belonged to me
I prefered them to wish me
Good morning, afternoon and night appropriately.

Of course they could not argue any further.

I was teaching English.
My amanah was as an english teacher nothing else.

If i were a religious study teacher
May be i would have followed their suggestion.  Period.

He he he

3.3 as an English teacher i like to talk about
English culture, sport and dominance.

What was wrong with that?

In english families
They would say

Shall i make you a cup of tea Mr Sazali?

I am afraid we have to disagree with that opinions and so.

Plenty of sorries such as
Our apology Mr Sazali
We are closing down now.

In British sports
I highlighted

ENGLISH football teams like Manchester United, West Ham and Aston Villa.

They had great players like George Best
Ray Clemence, Gordon Banks etc etc.

The point was .. English stars were a bit higher
Than Shahruddin Abdullah, Mokhtar Dahari and Wong Chung Wah.

Why?  They won the World Cup in 1966.

In other aspects
I was quite fluent with
The way we should dress for any special functions like attending important interviews like getting a job.

In this way I projected myself as an English teacher.


Now things have changed a lot.

In schools there are too many gossips
Too much values to be inculcated by our
Education Philosophy , Historical Philosophy and many more.

As such

The chinese thought
Our current batch of teachers at present
Are not of the same calibre like yesteryears teachers such as
The late Yusof Ngah and Mr Hector John in Tengku Mahmood School Besut 1970s.

now more chinese
are sending their children
to non goverment schools
such as Sekolah Persendirian Tinggi China in Penang
and many parts of the country.

They think
we are putting too much emphasis on
moral and islamisation.

too much
in sya allah
Allahu Akbar.

3.4  i think at this point
Some of my readers
will think

i am trying to be funny.

Why did I say that?

the answer is

simply put

a teacher must teach his subject well.
a dedicated teacher
will discharge his duty very well..

he was paid to do that.
I was a teacher at school.  Nothing more and nothing less.

I think that is all for today.

see you.

To sir with love
Sydney Poiter


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