when and why falling sick

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Many people went sick.

Yesterday they were fine.  Today they looked very sick.

May I tell you why?

1.  Not enough rest
2.  Not enough food and drink
3.  Worrying  more than they should.  Imagine 12 year old kid thinking beyond his ability.
Take for example HOTS KBAT in the science paper UPSR 2016.  Few teachers could  do them either.
4.  Too much exertion on our bodies.  Like carrying heavier weights like king size beds single handedly from a lorry into her bedroom.
5.  Soft bones
6.  Pampered societies
7.  Sudden change of weather
8.  Too much rain
9.  Sleeping poorly on the floor
10.  Constant fighting between husband and wife
11.  Different ideas between members of the house, hostel, schools
And many more.
12.  Mosquitoes.  Dengee.
13.  Too windy
14.  Lousy  nose which is prone to ...wet, germs, dust, smell etc etc
15.  Not enough exercise
16.  High time to fall sick.  Imagine 300 days so healthy. Now for 4 days Allah sends him high fever, flu, cough and ..so much noise with his nose.  Ok right?
17.  No place call kampung, village to go to.
18.  His style ..falling sick.  6 months ok.  6 months not ok.
not  ok is sick.
19.  Got infection from the other members in the house.  Say all his siblings were sick last week.  Now his turn.  Fair and square.  Allah is very fair.
20.  Got smoke as the third party.

in one kitab
sickness can wash away our small sins.

if you are happy with the sickness
then after the experience, you are now a clean soul.  Think positive after spending rm100 and 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues.

Think please.
wallahu aklam


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