Doing zikir, shall we?

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Zikir is an act of remembering Allah the Main Creator of this earth all the time 24/7.

How to remember?


1.  When you wake up recite a doa or prayer (An Nawawi, 20##).
2.  Attend to your duty with your whole heart.
If you are a mother, see the needs of your children.
Food, books, clothes, shoes, transport, safety ..

If you are a father see the needs of your family
Shelter, security, food supply, medicine and education.

if you are somebodys children  obey your parents.  Attend to your studies the best that you can.

if you are a wife, dont start the monsoon morning with raising your high voice to your sick 60 year old  husband.  Pity him. Look at him with love.  Fry some rice and get him hot coffee.  2 toasted bread with plenty of kaya  please.
if you are a husband, treat your wife well.  Buy something nice when you are out station in New York, New Orleans or Penang.  Can?  Dont use too many calculators.  Just buy.  Shut your eyes n buy.

3.  Do the halal acts ( teaching, marketing, farming, exploring. Services)
Avoid the haram examples maksiat cheating, theft, robberies, lies, killing, bombing, fitnah,
Fornicating, womanising, graft, banking with usury , borrowing, breaking promises etc.

4.  If you do good say  alhamdulilah
If you do bad things say  astaghfirullah.  Change your niat to do good now.

5.  Read al quran,.  Engage some time in reading darud or salawat to the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.  Read it quietly.

6.  Say good things to others.  Never offend people with your words and or actions ( Amru Khalid, 2006).

7. Smile to your own mother n father n siblings. Speak softly to them.  Treat them well.
Say thank you for any favour that comes your way.
Say sorry if you miss something.

8.  Attending your work well is rememberence to Allah.
Express syukur if you are now married to a banker.
Being a father.
Got job as a driver.  Got many nikmats from Allah.  Right?  You are now called a banker's  driver.  What more do you want?

9. The best zikir is
La ila llah ha illallah.

10.  Before you go to bed
Do your isya prayer.
Read simple doa to sleep.
Niat subuh prayer.
Don't disturb your wife.  Give her some more spaces to just sleep.  Tie your hands tightly to the bed.  Ok?

If you cannot sleep
Do 2 rakaats of nafiil solat.  Dont take pills. It is dangerous.
still cannot sleep?  Write a book or read a Russian mathematics book with plenty of proofs and theorems.  Insya allah can sleep.

Simple zikir is the way of our lives as muslims and muslimats.

Imam An Nawawi  Keagungan zikir.

Amru Khalid(2006).  Hati sebening mata air

Maulana Zakaria (1960).  Teachings of Islam.  Shaharanpur:  Islamic school.


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