3 different questions but 1 similar answer

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Question 1
How to get barokah (good health) in life?

Question 2

How to get more treasures in this world?

Question 3

How to get happiness and blessings  with more children and fruitful harvest?

The answer is already given 1438 years ago

Keep repenting (istighfar)
And do taubah with the niat of not repeating the sins again.

Refer to
Ayat 10 to 13
Surah Nuh
From the Holy Quraan.

2)  Even though the answer is short, we need strong iman to express regret of our wrongdoings.  We regret tremendously for indulging
in zina, graft, backbiting, fitnah, robbery, theft, killing and many others. The biggest sin is syirik by saying with money we can lead a much complete life.
With bigger shops, bisness and influencce our lives are more secured.

We should rest our lives on Allah and HIM alone.
To do this we need iman.
Prophet Muhaamad p.b.u.h  spent 13 years in
Mekah and 10 years in Madinah building iman with his strong sahabat r.anhum Sayidina Abu Bakar, Omar, Othman and Ali.  From this hardship they brought ad deen and fikir alkirah to all corners of the world.

Without their struggle
may be we are living in the dark age where
we take everything that is not ours.
We might kill our own children. We despised our own daughters and many other acts
that are likened as barbaric.
Killing after zina is a heinous act.  But without iman
we shall be doing it again and again.

with taufiq and hidayah
from Allah
we should repent and seek forgiveness from HIM.
but how many of us
had stopped and feel immense sorry
for himself for doing all the above bad things.

For that we seek hidayah.
17 times and more a day.
Refer to the readings of al fatihah daily.

I rest that to Allah alone.
My job is to write good things
even a word, sentence, paragraph, page and the rest
I trust Allah alone.  What else can I do? Tawakal.

ya robb  please forgive me.
forgive my mum and dad.
mercy on them as they had looked mercy
Upon us when we were young once.

Help our brothers and sisters in islam
and soften the hearts of our friends near and far.
HELP my readers too in all their difficulties
especially those who are studying all sorts of courses
in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei D.S   and also all over the world.
Make things easy for them
in seeking knowledge
and Ya Robb

let me act upon what I know,
what I wrote
and let us lead this life as a true human being
of ikhsanan, ikhlas, sabar, taqwa and redha.  Forgive me please Ya Robb.

Wallahu aklam.


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