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My son just returned from his Tabligh trip for four long months in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  Alhamdulilah.  He went end of August.

He is still waiting for his intership in the hospital (housemanship) for 2 years upon his graduation in August 2016. No news yet about this.  Similar is the fate of his other friends ..who are also waiting and waiting.

What they got

it is raining heavily this morning.  Clouds getting darker and heavier.  More rain coming.  I  think we are waiting for a flood. However,
Syukur my son has used this period of waiting
for dakwah and tabligh. A short course on iman and amal. If one can spend more than 15 years doing degrees , what is 4 months then? Allah wants to trade our time for paradise. Alas few of the insans understand this great kind of trading.

2)  Btw, it is always my bad habit to ask this and that from my children especially coming back from 3 foreign countries.
What more the above trip was some how or other
Has been 50% footed  by his old and weak daddy.

He he he.

3)  My first question
tell me something about your trip?

He told '..
The karkoons ( those seriously involved in Tabligh) in India are good to him and his other friends.  He moved around Calcutta with the locals accompanying him.
The karkoons in Pakistan are better. They wear nicer and finer clothes and speak well about ad ddeen and always praise that Malaysians can read Al Quran with melodious voice. The profs and students listened to his talk when he came to their offices, medical schools, canteens and banks. The customers were willing to listen about islam. He was very impressed with the treatment he got from the pakistani brothers and sisters. Most nights his jamaah was invited for food & sweet.
The karkoons in Bangladesh are the best. They like to massage their guests' body with oil and the end result .. you will feel so strong to struggle more and more in the path of Allah.  Alhamdulilah.'

4)  After returning home from subuh today in the local masjid
I asked him to give six points in his bedroom  but hold on  call your mother to listen to your simple talk.

so the bayan (speech) begins

'..Allah has put my success, your success  by obeying HIS commandments as contained in the Holy Quraan and shown by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

soon he reached this point
3rd point called knowledge and zikir.

The knowledge that Allah wants us to learn is
who is your Robb?
what is your real concept of life?
what book have you used in guiding your life?
how did you get your money  and how did you spend it?
how did you earn your living?
Who is your idola?
Did you pray 5 times a day?
Did you act upon your knowledge?

And most importantly our knowledge without zikir is useless.  Wow #1.

Other knowledge called mathematics, statistics, English Literature, artificial intelligence,
internet of things, robotics, cooking, sewing, oil and gas among ladies in their kitchens, marketing, accounting, drawing, writing, mountaineering, snorkelling, diving, photographing,
these are called information and skills only in the court of Allah.

I like that.

Then he continued
those who seek knowledge
Allah will give him paradise.

knowledge is liken to 2 front tyres of a car
while zikir is the 2 back tyres.  We need 4 tyres in our cars to move around. Right?

Now his
bayan has stopped.

May Allah gives us taufiq and hidayah to act upon what we know.  Ameen.

Breakfast time, I supposed.

See you later?  Excuse  us  please.
I like to take food on time.  So breakfast is 0700 sharp.  Smile please!


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