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Glad tidings to you readers.

Today I want to discuss a bit about MUET.. oral section.

Let's say you want to speak fluent English.  The steps could be :

(i)  sing , sing and sing a song .. daily.  This will make your tongue a bit softer.  Why?  u see footballers.  They keep on kicking and chasing the ball ..why?  they want their skills to be improving a bit every day.  Similar is English.  Please sing .. get a good song.  Say Rock Stewart .. Sailing.  Try?

(ii)  try and speak with your partner in English.  Examples:

can I borrow your dictionary please?
can I borrow that thick dictionary please?
can I borrow that thick blue dictionary please?

Yes.. please help yourself ..the dictionary is at the rack.

(iii) listen other people talking English.  Listen carefully. Listen attentively. Imitate how he talk just now.  By imitatiing .. there is a big cnahce you can pick up the English .. here and there.


Last but not least ,  it is you who are taking the MUET.

Not me.  So work a bit harder  smarter.

(iv)  buy a rambutan.  Describe the rambutan.

This fruit is 'berbulu'  / hairy.
This fruit is hairy but sweet.

How to open the rambutan?

DEscribe the process of peeling the skin of the rambutan?


If you find it hard to describe the process of eating the rambutan/

try describing .. eating the pineapple now?  Is it easier for you?

Good luck.

Wallahu aklam.


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