Smart living any one?

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Salam and salutations to my readers.

I think we have heard so much about the word 'smart living'.

After that comes another word 'smart working' or working smart/  studying smart etc etc .. most of the things has the word smart attach to it.

2)  Actually the west coined this word since their society consists of many working , married couples beginning the year 1880 on wards after the Industrial revolution.  To make things simple, they had very limited time to do other domestic work such as taking care of their children, buying groceries, visiting their sick parents and many more.  To solve that , they seek the help of domestic maid(s).  these maids came from foreign countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc etc.

3)  NOw the word smart living / working refers to other areas as well.  Examples are as follows.

example 1 :  a teacher moonlighting ... in the day time , he teaches at school and at night he goes tuition from 700 pm to 11pm.  Day in and day out.  At the end of the day he will get 2 kinds of salaries called fixed salary from the school and the other salary comes from the tuition centers.

this also apply to a teacher who teach maths in the day time , and he sells insurance at the night time.  So he also gets ..  2 or more types of pay cheque thus ..his living in big bungalow, driving expensive cars and wearing expensive , modern western dresses ..  the society called him .. a successful teacher who employs smart working/ living in his life. He consumes the philosophy of smart living in his daily life.

example 2:  dirty example.  A teacher can be seen teaching at school in the day light and at night she earns as a high class prostitute/ GRO.  At the end of the day, she earns more than one income.  So her successful life style is considered as .. successful in the eyes of many people since .. at present, many people subscribe 'high income' as their main objective in their daily life.

there are so many examples .. actually ..  basically .. there is a cheating element involved.

I am so sorry to use the word 'cheating' because every body who comes from any of the white  and black families do get 24 hours daily from the God called Allah (in islam).

If a teacher (in fact any government servant)  can earn well using smart working as his philosophies of his life .. then s/he must be cutting some corners in the process of generating more income.  I have experienced this.  My friend teaches ... but in the mean time he helps his wife run after a big shop.  Most of the days .. he is missing from the organization ..with the same excuse .. he helps the business together with his wife.  He will clock out at 0500 pm when all his friends are going home too.

Therefore the time he is suppose to plan his teaching/ motivate the teachers/ taking care of absentees/ mark the students ' work is taken by the activity called selling all kinds of clothes to the customers.  Therefore in short, many students' work went unmarked.  Then suddenly come the peak of the story.  He wrongly awarded the course work marks for his students ..  not from his real page to page marking .. but by referring to the pictures of his students that he had pasted on the wall in his office beginning of the semester.

The mistake was finally spotted by the head (principal)  when he awarded the coursework marks for a deceased ( dead ) student .. who was dead many many months  ago.   Many people laugh at this story ..but eventually people accepted the fact that ..  that same  teacher can afford to live happily ever after by taking smart living as the basis of his life.  So there is a cheating involved right?

We cannot do smart working unless we purposely ..  decided not to do .. similar tasks that was assigned to us by the big BOSS.  We know halal and haram income.  A haram income comes from an activity that we are not suppose to do at all in the first place. A halal income derives from the work when a teacher teaches rightfully from time 0730 am to 04 00 pm daily.

I think that's all for today.  So please be careful if some one purposely praised you being a smart worker.  In fact he could be saying  indirectly.. you could be  a liar.

Wallahu aklam.  p/s:  please reflect that ..  including my self.  Muhasabah diri?  self reflection.


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