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We write many things.  Some good and some not so perfect ..but it is still something that we call it as my writing.  Among the things that we write are personal debts (koperasi KAAK, KGMK), plans for today and next week and many more.

As a teacher/ lecturer we keep on writing so that:

(i)  our brain is more focus on certain important events like final semester examinations, processing of marks in coursework as put in RPP4 etc etc.  Once we know there is something urgent to accomplish , we put more directed effort towards that objective(s)

(ii)  one day we can write a book .  A personal book about ourselves and our lives.  I think if one has got 3 or 4 Khidmat Cemerlang through out his/ her teaching career in schools, polytechnics, Koej Matrikulasi and Universities  , I think he/she must write and put that for the next generations to refer and emulate.  In fact , many islamic kitabs like Shahih Bukhari and Shahih Muslim ..  were written down by their authors so that ..all the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) can be transferred from generation to generation.  By doing so , we have a strong muslim followers not only in Arabian countries but also in India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

(iii) we write a journal.  we cannot write fantastic journal that carries with it 'high impact factor; if we do not make it a habit to write .. our research and its respective findings.


In Malaysia, it is very sad to see that many professors in mathematics and sciences pass away without any contribution of book writings that can be used by the malaysian students beginning 2012 onwards.

In the libraries throughout this country , 70 percent books come from the western countries.  In fact we spent billion of ringgits just to construct 20 public universities starting from University Malaya , .. , UNIMAP, UTHM including the libraries ..what not.

Why did the late professors shy away from writing his expertise in a form of a book ?  This MIGHT  be the possible reasons:

firstly,  low confidence, inferiority complex  on his expertise ,  he thinks what he has ..is not good enough as compared to the western counterparts.

secondly,   many of my academic friends blamed that .. they cannot be rich by writings.

I am quite offended by that statement.  In this country , most professors are muslims and i am dead sure ..about them knowing so much about sincerity.  We write sincerely for the sake of Allah.  If there is some one out there , reads and start to emulate, imitate what we write, then all his good amals ..  will be credited into our account as well.

Moreover, as  professors they are very well paid as compared to their  friends like ordinary school teachers, clerks, lorry drivers etc etc.

So what is stopping you my dear Professors.  Write please. We beg you to write for the betterment of this country.


I am not a great writer like Tun Mahathir Mohammad ..but I do write something .. as a result of my travelling , readings,   courses, workshops, discussions, conferences ,  .. , and blind me ..  my university has not considered me to be anywhere  near to any professor as yet ..but i don't care ..

i wanna write. Write I do slowly, surely and .. consistently .. till Allah calls me to be somewhere in the other dimension called 'alam akhirat'.

To me , nobody can stop me from writing something good .. about my life, education .. which I hope can be shared with  many of my students out there ..  from Malaysia, Yaman, Indonesia , Qatar, England and Canada.  I just write what I know best. My country spent a milllion ringgit  sending scholars  abroad ..  that is a big, big investment.  Can you see that?

If I know the power of tongkat ali (which is behind my grand dad's home in Kelantan) .. in helping the men to gain their personal strength .. so I will keep on writing so that ..  any simple soul in Mongolia, Manchuria, Benggali can read, well inform and start making orders ..for their well beings.  If they can perform solat ..since they r getting healthier and healthier .. don't you think Allah will not credit anything into my personal account in terms of amal jariah?   I will use that badly in akhirat.  How about you, my readers?

My biras say .. writing a book does not carry as much points in terms of promotion processes of any academician ..  as compared to writing for impact journals like Computer Science Society .. ( who reads our work in high impact factor journals..very few indeed)

and I think there is truth in that , no matter it is  a day or a night.

Many of us ..attach many amal from the ringgit(dollar) point of value only.  What a pity to the muslim ummah!
No wonder the western people write anything on mathematics, sciences, technologies, engineering, social sciences .. and this country ..just keep on buying. THe arab countries do that too. We all are good at spending our money only  Why?  We have money from our ground.

Our knowlegde about our land , our fruits, our sense of belongings are not well documented.  It is strange .. in our Malaysian Airways .. our durian and manggis are not eaten.  Imagine in Malaysia , we still cannot make our durian be eaten in the skies near to our motherland.  What a strange?  While at the same time,  Apples, oranges, grapes, strawberr which  are grown thousands of miles away from here ..but yet ..  they are eaten so well by every Mamat and Minah in Malaysia and Indonesia.  Why?  they promote their fruits everywhere.  We?  he..he..   are we behaving as strangers   .  ..  we say durian got smells etc etc etc.  WE devalue our own fruits .. every time.  Right?  that's what we gained from our education far and wide.  We keep on devalueing our own products  come durians, petai, jerings.  If petai, jering , durians are found in Leeds, Manchester, n abundance,  I am dead sure ...many of us flying in the skies are eating them without any complaint..  They can do that through research, publications etc etc.  Bravo!  Mamak from India and Pakistan are selling their cepati ad roti canai here ..  why?  because they have confidence in their cookings. They do that by writings as well.  They write their special cookings in airlines magazines etc etc. They put their products on CDs viewed by millions of passengers on the airways.

Our products, our thinkings are little known by anybody near the 2 poles ( north and south).  Why?  we did not write enough.

Only to Allah can I cry .. upon this condition!

Wallahu aklam.  O Rob ..give me wisdom and power so that ..I can see the real truth and nothing more than the truth by spreading simple writings to all corners of the earth. Ameen.

p/s:  I finally wrote a book.  Title 'Teachings of mathematics using CDiCL .. making sense through team work ".  RM30 only per copy.  Publisher:  UTHM Johor University Press.
Any order please? Support your scholar ..  writing .. again and again.  It can encourage more .. motivation.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Well done, a scientific book to your name. Those who read can benefit from at least a little of our knowledge/effort. And to Allah only we seek for rewards. I also understood from my professor that commercial book publishers ony grant about 3% royalty to the author. The remaining 97% are benefited by them through academicians' damn hard effort. The world economy is controlled by the westerners. At least any one good researcher can publish his/her work in high impact journals. The award/promotion system is determined by the academic scenario in the country, so the academicians cannot be fully blamed of not writing scientific/technical books as they are only playing the game according to the 'Hutan Rimba' rules.

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